Allison Hewitt is Trapped by Madeleine Roux (Zombie #1)

14 Aug

And so continues my zombie loving phase. I tried to cut back, I really did. I picked up an Anita Blake book to read but then this caught my eye and that was that until I made my way through this. Allison Hewitt is Trapped is based in a world immediately post-zombie-apocalypse. We don’t get to see much of how zombies came about or why as to the main characters this is not important. They just want to stay alive.

The book begins in the break room of a book shop with a small number of staff and customers being trapped within. They hope in the beginning for rescue but as time passes they realise this is not going to happen and eventually decide on a plan to move on. The book is written in a blog style, as if Allison our main character is actually writing entries on a blog and updating whenever she can find wireless internet which as you can imagine becomes harder and harder as more time passes. I loved this style as I thought it quite ingenious to keep the reader more interested as it is quite fresh and realistic. However it had its flaws as every time you began a new entry you knew that Allison had to have survived what ever scenario she was describing in order for her to have been able to upload that entry in her blog so it sometimes took from the suspense a little. What I really enjoyed were the comments at the end of every blog entry from other survivors around the world and how they were all finding different ways to cope.

Allison’s friends change as the book progresses and she becomes closer to some and loses some more. Each character brought something to the table though and each one also had an effect on Allison, be it good or bad. I thought it was really interesting to read how so many different type of so-called ordinary people coped in such a frightening time.

Anyway I’m going to try to avoid zombie horror for at least two or three books just so I don’t make myself start to hate it a little. Surely at some point it will all start to seem the same. Although how long have I been saying that about the vampire genre and it hasn’t happened yet…

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