The Killing Dance by Laurell K Hamilton (Anita Blake Series #6)

25 Aug

This was slightly different to previous Anita Blake books, I thought. It seems to center more around Anita’s complicated love life than an actual external plot. It begins as most Blake books do, in her office where she is deciding on whether to accept a job a new client is proposing. What also seems to be becoming somewhat of a trend is that aforementioned job turns out to be a whole hell of a lot more complicated than is originally thought to be.

However what’s different in this book is that the ‘job’ gets forgotten about pretty quickly in light of Anita acquiring a contract hit being taken out on her and therefore having to look to the two men/monsters in her life for protection.

First of all, I am a vampire fan. I will always choose the vampire over the werewolf. Every time. I never understood the whole Team Jacob/Team Edward debate going on with the Twilight Saga. In fact I didn’t even realise they were in competition until the film came out and every teeny bopper girl became fascinated with Taylor Lautner. I never gave Jacob a chance. I’d like to say that my opinion has changed. I’d like to say that I’ve grown and matured enough not to always want the undead, gorgeous vampire. But I haven’t. I don’t like Richard. He’s just in the way in my opinion. I don’t understand how Anita seems to have stronger feelings for him than Jean-Claude. I just don’t understand.

Richard is too safe, too  goody-goody to ever suit someone like Anita and as soon as she realised that the book got better. Jean-Claude on the other hand never hides who he is. Yes, he’s slightly evil and has definitely got a weird perverse streak in him but at least he’s honest about it. Richard is all ‘Ooooh but I don’t want to be a monster…’ Well newsflash, wolf-man, you are and you might as well accept it.

The best thing about this book was…. you guessed it. The sex, of course! Yay finally I got to read an infamous Anita Blake sex scene. However, as great as it was (and it was), I have a feeling it’s tame compared to what we’ll see in future books. I can’t believe that this was what people gave up reading Anita Blake books because of so I can only presume it gets much more intense in future installments. I can’t wait…

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