Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick (Hush, Hush Series #2)

02 Sep

This isn’t the worse young adult book I’ve ever read (I’m looking at you Alyson Noel) but it sure ain’t the best. I mildly enjoyed Hush, Hush so it took me ages to get aroung to reading the follow up in the series as I just wasn’t that excited about it. I was right not to get my hopes up the series doesn’t drastically improve it just stays pretty much humdrum in the excitement stakes. I think I may have liked this slightly more than its predecessor though. But just slightly.

So in this instalment, Patch begins to become even more of an asshole and Nora just doesn’t know what to do about their tumultous relationship. I found many parts of the book quite confusing actually, the whole storyline with the Nephilium and the Archangels wasn’t written great and I was a bit confused as to who in actual fact were the bad guys. I mean Patch was a fallen angel but then he was allowed to become a Guardian Angel once again but yet he’s still hanging around with Rixon, who is a fallen angel but the archangels don’t mind this but yet they do mind if he does something nice like fall in love with the human he’s guarding? Oh and the Nephilim are sometimes bad (Scott) and sometimes good (Scott). I don’t get it.

Other than her confusing writing style in that regard, the plot was quite exciting. There was a lot of action going on and I didn’t feel too bored at any stage which is always a good sign. The character of Vee was also greatly improved on as I found her a terribly self-centered, horrible friend to Nora in the first book whereas in Crescendo I feel like the author did an about-face and made Nora a terrible friend to her. Vee was constantly chaueffering Nora around with little or no thanks and getting her out of scrapes and bouts of depression like any good friend while Nora whinged and whined her way through most of the book.

I also have to spare a moment to discuss the absolute tragedy that is most of the characters names. Vee? Nora? Patch? Who the hell would pick Nora as their lead characters name? Patch sounds like a dogs name and Vee is a letter not a name.

This book wasn’t the worse thing I’ve ever read I suppose but it doesn’t leave me gasping for more. I probably will read Silence eventually but I wouldn’t look out for a review any time soon people.

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