Blood Promise by Richelle Mead (Vampire Academy #4)

16 Sep

Thankfully this was pretty enjoyable. I’ve found the Vampire Academy series a little hit and miss so far but this was a definite hit. I fell back in love with all the characters both old and new.

In this instalment we follow Rose to Russia where she is trying to track down Dimitri who we saw being turned into a Strigoi at the end of the last book. Of course when we do eventually find Dimitri, Rose doesn’t find it all that easy to do the deed and end his undead life. We get to see Rose in a slightly different light during her time in captivity with Dimitri. Even though he tries to turn Rose into pretty much a dependent addict who lives her life in a haze of endorphins brought on by him drinking her blood, she struggles desperately to fight through and stick to her original plan. Her strength is pretty admirable especially since we have been rooting for her and Dimitri to get together since book one and now she has that chance. However nobody ever thought it would be in quite this manner.

I’m also glad that we get to see Rose return to St Vladimirs and get her chance to graduate and become a proper guardian whether it will be with Lissa or not. I’m intrigued at what will happen with the whole Dashkov storyline and whether Rose will ever get a happy ending and who exactly will that happy ending be with. We got to see Adrian in a slightly better light in this book so I’m looking forward to seeing where that goes in future instalments.

Overall I’m pretty pleased that this series is starting to improve again as it did start out so promising. Hopefully it will continue in this fashion and over the next two books Rose will remain as a strong female character and not go back to her selfish, immature ways.

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