Burnt Offerings by Laurell K Hamilton (Anita Blake #7)

19 Sep

So first of all this was my first reading experience on my new Kobo Ereader and man was I impressed. Yes, I have a Kindle already and no, I didn’t sell or exchange it, I still have that aswell. There is no logical reason for owning both, I know, but I will say that I always wanted the Kobo before I ever got the Kindle but they were unavailable in Ireland. Until now that is. So this Anita Blake book was my first reading experience on aforementioned Kobo and it was just such a pleasant reading experience. There a tiny details that differ from Ereader to Ereader but its the small things in life that always matter to me and the Kobo has these small things. Anyway I am not a Kobo saleswoman so let’s get down to the actual review.

This Anita Blake book was a riot. I mean it just did not let up from chapter one all the way through to the end. I find that Hamilton is making her books more and more fast-paced as the series progresses and I, for one, think this only makes them all the more enjoyable.

The whole storyline in this instalment was based around the arrival of some of the members of the Vampire Council, which is basically like the Vampire Government but a whole lot creepier and just as corrupt as any government body in real life are. I love when Hamilton introduces creepy new characters, as she sure does know how to write a very good evil guy, if that makes sense. You are just instantly terrified of these new vampires with all their evil new powers that they willingly share with Anita and her friends. Even though Fernando was the disgusting, vile rapist and the Traveler was the mind controlling freak, it was Yvette that really creeped me out. Her unique ability to rot on demand was so scary I flinched every time she appeared.

Of course we get to see more of Anita and Jean-Claude but don’t hold your breath for any intimate sex scenes between the two of them as there not common in this instalment which I was slightly disappointed about because we finally got to see one in the last book and I presumed they’d only be more frequent in the next book. However you feel like literally there wasn’t actually any time for them to get down and dirty as the book was so fast-paced. It may have actually been silly to throw in a sex scene, just because, I suppose.

But, and it’s a big but, don’t let the lack of Jean-Claude sex put you off as it has been replaced with other types. There is actually a few moments of weird sexiness between Anita and other characters we have met before and new ones we are meeting for the first time. Now, don’t get worried Anita hasn’t turned into a total whorebag yet but she is channeling her old nemesis Raina in certain parts of this book and so she unwillingly finds herself aroused and attracted to people she would have no interest in normally.

Just as an aside, there are particular parts of this book that may be difficult for some people to digest. There is quite a bit of rape happening to different characters. We only actually witness one scene but we meet various survivors who have been raped in the very recent past that Anita is attempting to rescue. These are strong scenes and are quite hard to read at times just because of their content obviously. However as much as rape is obviously a terrible and vile act it does make the evil characters that bit more believable as being totally and horribly evil. It really does help to make you completely hate and despise them.

I think the Anita Blake books are changing slowly from what they were in the beginning to something a little darker and more sinister. Anita is no longer half as innocent or accepting as she was in earlier books. She had become more battle worn, much more trigger-happy and has had somewhat of a sexual awakening as well. I feel that the books are getting better with each instalment I’m reading but I can also see where she may have lost fans along the way. These are not the easy, fun vampire reads they were when the series began but hey, you got to roll with the punches people.


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