An Ice Cold Grave by Charlaine Harris (Harper Connelly #3)

20 Sep

Okay so I wasn’t overly gripped by previous books in the Harper Connelly series but this one was definitely much more exciting anyway. There are still flaws and it sure isn’t perfect but the plotline itself was much better written and more exciting and fast-paced than its predecessors.

Harper and Tolliver are once again called in to investigate the disappearance of a number of teenage boys in a small town in southern America. The grandmother of one of the boys has called them much to the seeming annoyance and disbelief of much of the rest of the town. However Harper, as always, proves everyone wrong and uncovers the bodies of not just one boy but eight murdered teenagers.

I feel like it’s a good bit different to other books in this series, mainly because the plot is more thriller-like than any before have been. You really want to find out more about the killers and make sure they get the comeuppance they deserve. Put plainly it’s just damn exciting.

Of course we are also dealing with Tolliver and Harper’s increasingly awkward love life situation. In the first book they were brother and sister, we do find out that their not actually related but they call each other bro and sis so what’s the difference right? Wrong. In the second book we saw Harper realise how strong her feelings for Tolliver had gotten and realised that (Euww, by the way) she maybe wanted more than just a brother-sister relationship. In this book it evolves further into an actual romantic relationship, complete with sex scenes…

I will admit freely that I am a lover (excuse the pun) of a good sex scene but this just made me uncomfortable. Yes it was a nicely written love scene, as all of Harris love scenes usually are, but it was still wrong. I just don’t understand why she had this whole brother-sister thing going on from the beginning. Couldn’t she have just made them friends or something? It just doesn’t make for very nice reading. In the back of your mind your constantly thinking, but… no….euwww.

Anyway they end the book in a pretty happy place where their relationship is concerned and head off out of town into the sunset with no regrets so I can only presume this romance will continue in the next book. I only have the fourth and final book to read now in this series and maybe if I somehow make myself forget the incest side of their romance I may enjoy the last instalment as the plotlines are slowly improving and I definitely enjoyed this book more than its predecessors. We’ll see.

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