Work! Consume! Die! by Frankie Boyle

02 Oct

Okaaaay…. so this is definitely not a book that everyone or even a huge amount of people will enjoy. It’s not an autobiography of any kind even though I suppose you do gain a slight insight into the mind of Frankie Boyle which to be honest isn’t all that pleasant a vast majority of the time! It’s more like his weird and strong opinions on huge amounts of random issues ranging from the war in Iraq to Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant.

Now I will say that I am a fan of comedy and I’m not easily offended. I take what comedians say with a pinch of salt, of course some are going to be controversial, it’s their job. An Irish comedian, Tommy Tiernan, is one of the most controversial comedians in the Britain and Ireland circuit and he’s for sure Ireland’s most controversial but he’s also definitely one of our most successful comics. There’s a reason for this people. Comics are supposed to shock you. Yes, sometimes, you may feel they have gone too far but really, who can decide what’s too far and what isn’t? Frankie Boyle takes the biscuit, however. He will shock you. There’s no he may or he may not, he will. And he probably hopes he’ll offend you too. If he doesn’t I would think that he considers it a bad night all round.

He purposely tries to offend as much as is humanely possible. And ultimately he’s quite successful at this. I presume this book was written after he’d been dropped from the Mock the Week panel show as he barely mentions it. He made a remark about Jordan, a British glamour model’s, disabled child and the BBC just couldn’t find it in their hearts to let it go so they let him go instead. I haven’t watched Mock the Week since even though I am a huge Dara O Briain fan. It’s not that I’m purposely boycotting it either. It’s just that it’s not good any more…

Now someones disabled child may be too far, I admit. And I can see where the BBC, a family TV network, were coming from but…. he was joking? Jokes aren’t meant to be taken seriously, that’s kind of the whole point. Ultimately I don’t know whether he was right or wrong to be honest but I do know that I find Frankie Boyle utterly hilarious most of the time. Yes, sometimes I find some of his jokes a little too vulgar or just a bit too completely insane but I don’t hold that one joke against him for the rest of his life. I just move onto the next one and hope I enjoy that one more.

If you’re easily offended or if you’re not a Frankie Boyle fan why are you even reading this review because there isn’t a hope in hell you’ll enjoy this book. If you love Frankie and you’re a more open-minded, easy-going type person then give it a go. Don’t expect to love every minute of it, I didn’t, but do expect to have more than a few times where you find yourself genuinely laughing out loud and running to your partner, friend, family member saying ‘You have to listen to this one!!’

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