Fifty Shades Darker & Freed (Fifty Shades Trilogy Book 2 & 3)

19 Jan

41OaXiNrauL._SL500_AA300_[1]For the first time in my review-writing history I am just going to double up and do one review for these two books. The reasons are twofold;

One, I literally can’t remember what happened in the middle book as they all just seemed to mesh into one by the end.

Two, they don’t deserve the time or effort.

So basically in the last two books in this trilogy it pretty much follows what happened in the first one which was exactly what happened in the Twilight Saga except obviously with more sex involved. He proposes, they get married, they go on honeymoon, some madman trys to kill Ana and finally she gets pregnant and had Christian Greys child. You know in all fairness to the author the background storyline isn’t terrible. It pretty much would be standard for any chick lit novel but she ruins it by making the characters so unlikable.

I HATE Ana. I don’t think I’ve ever hated a lead character so much in all my life. She is the most painful, weak, idiotic and stupid woman ever written. Christian is the most disgustingly sexist, arrogant, selfish, spoilt man ever written. I suppose they suit each other really…

I don’t know what else to say. Words actually fail me.

The sex just continues the same as the first one so don’t expect anything too new or exciting. In fact when people said to me ‘Oh I ended up skipping the sex bits by the end’ I always presumed they were lying just to save face that they weren’t sex deprived lunatics but I skipped every sex bit in the last book. They are just so repetitive. If we got to see other characters sex scenes then maybe it would have been slightly more entertaining but no. It’s just crazy sadist Christian and oh-so-innocent Ana.

That’s it…..

I’m not writing any more, I refuse. Ain’t worth the energy used to type it.

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