Lover Reborn by JR Ward (BDB No 10)

19 Jan

images[3]I’ve been preoccupied with my new little man it’s been ages since I’ve read a BDB novel and boy did I miss them! There’s just something about them that gets the blood pumping and it’s not just the great sex scenes.

This one doesn’t disappoint in any way and I enjoyed it so much. They’re just such an escape into a totally different world than the one we all walk around in. In this installment we finally get to know Thorment a bit better and finally get to see him get a little happier. In the beginning of the book he is still obviously devastated by his shellan, Wellsie’s, death. I should mention that she was also pregnant with their first child so it was pretty much a double blow for him when she was shot and killed by a lesser. Even though he’s back fighting and looking after himself a little bit better than before when he had disappeared into the wilderness immediately after hearing of Wellsie’s murder, he is still a shadow of his former self.

Of course we then meet his love interest, No One. Now, at first, I was wondering how Ward was going to develop this relationship without making Thorment out to be somehow betraying his dead shellan but at the same time I wanted him to cheer up a bit and let himself be a bit happier. It’s a tough line to tread. I think she did pretty much the best she could have possibly done without it being either too boring or too easy for Thorment to move on. I, for one, loved No One or Autumn as she eventually becomes known. She is a forlorn character in the beginning without a purpose in her life which has been a pretty tough ride so far in general. It was nice to see her slowly blossom into a happier person.

The side stories were really good in this instalment as well. Ward seems to have turned to talking more about Xcor and his Band of Bastards than the lessers who she usually focused on as the side story. I thank the heavens above for this as I never truly enjoyed the chapters focusing on the lessers whereas the Band of Bastards are so much funner. I am so intrigued as to where the hell the storyline with Layla and Xcor is going to go. Especially after what happens with Qhuinn.

Also lets spare a word for the first gay sex scene in these books. Blay and Saxton obliged as the willing participants. It was…. not that good actually. Ward chickened out a little. It was basically one, maybe two, paragraphs. Not good enough Ward! However I do have a theory that maybe she is holding out for a proper gay sex scene between Blay and Qhuinn when they eventually get together but again now with this new storyline with Qhuinn and Layla, I’m not sure how that will work any more. I presume we’ll find out in future instalments.

Another awesome installment in the BDB series.

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