Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult

26 Feb

nineteenminutes[1]I adored this book. It was one of those stories that you will find yourself thinking about again and again weeks after you’ve finished reading it. I enjoyed ‘We Need To Talk About Kevin’ and this is of a similar genre with it being based around a school shooting. However in this book we see the whole story from lots of different points of view including the shooters.

I found it strange that I really felt sorry for the shooter and a small part of me kind of understands why he did what he did. As the author writes in the book (I’m loosely quoting) ‘It’s not a surprise that a kid subjected to years of torture at the hands of bullies walks into a school and opens fire, it’s a surprise that more kids don’t’. I am not excusing this behaviour AT ALL but being bullied for even a day or two when you fall out with a friend is a scarring experience. Dealing with it day in and day out from the age of five or six until the ripe old age of seventeen is horrific. If only these kids could realise that these people who are doing this to them now will mean nothing to them in only a few short years. It’s tough.

I loved hearing from the other characters as well especially Peters mother as I always wonder how the family of someone who does something awful like this copes in the situation as not only have they lost their son but they have to deal with the fact that he caused ten other parents to lose their children. Permanently.

Even though these school shootings, which have sadly become something that seem to happen every few years in America, are absolutely terrible things I always wondered what drove the shooters to carry it out. I simply thought they were just insane but maybe not. Maybe there is logical reasoning behind it. It doesn’t make them any less terrible but it does show that maybe there are ways to prevent them from happening again. This is a sane person driven to do a terrible thing not a crazy person just letting off steam.

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