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Cell by Stephen King

Cell (novel)

Cell (novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I am what I like to think of as a fairly prolific reader I shamefully admit that I have never read a Stephen King novel. Not one. Before this one that is. I also shamefully admit that I thought this was bad. Not Twilight bad but still bad.

I kind of wish that I liked it because it does have all the right elements that usually work for me but no. I can’t like it because I want to like it. It just didn’t do it for me. I didn’t like the beginning, the middle was ok but I pretty much hated the ending.

Okay so it’s kind of a zombie novel, kind of an end of the world thing, kind of a terrorist story. Basically all people with cell phones have gone crazy because of some sort of pulse sent through a telephone call. The main character, Clay, doesn’t own a cell phone. I’m not sure when exactly this was written but that is null and void now, everyone owns a cell phone. If you don’t you’re the insane one. So anyway him and a small band of others make their way across America hoping to find Clays and family and eventually salvation. As they make their trip the ‘phone-crazies’ start to evolve and become less violent but more intelligent creatures. So they burn them all alive in a football pitch. Smart move. The middle part of the book where they were travelling through the country I actually did enjoy and I liked the character of the Headmaster but then when they met up with the second band of travellers and Clay struck out on his own for a while it all started to come undone again. It got confusing too, I wasn’t even sure where they actually were at times because the crazies were invading their dreams and making them think they were travelling west when really they weren’t.

The ending I actually thought was going to be pretty good but it turned out to be a huge anti-climax. I hate books that end the way this book ended. I hate them.

Disappointing for my first King novel.

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Alone by Robert J Crane (Girl in the Box Series #1)

Alone[1]So I seem to be going through a little spree of downloading any freebies that catch my eye on my Kobo and this was another one. Freebies can be very hit and miss as you can imagine, sometimes you find yourself reading absolute trash but other times you might find a little gem. This landed somewhere in the middle for me.

The premise of the story was actually pretty interesting. I liked the whole idea of superhumans with individual amazing abilities. It kind of had a whole avengers feel to it. I also liked the bad guy character of Wolfe, he was suitably evil and disgusting and reminded me of that bad guy in Xmen, you know the one with the claws? I also liked that the author left you wondering about certain characters and you’re never quite sure who’s the bad guys and who are the good guys.

Unfortunately it wasn’t all good. The main character of Sienna was painful. I realise that she is a girl who has lived her whole life trapped within the walls of one house and a lot of the time being abused and punished by her weird sadist mother but still she needs a crash course in being a human being. She is extremely selfish, never thinking of anyone but herself and causing hundreds of lives to be lost while she sits on her bum. Now eventually she finds a backbone but it comes a little too late for me.

I found this interesting and a nice length too for a free ebook. I actually do think that I will invest in the follow ups in this series and I just hope they continue to get better and don’t get worse. Fingers crossed…

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Deadlocked by AR Wise (Deadlocked #1)

deadlockedcover28new29[1]This is really short and not so sweet. It was free on my Kobo and it’s a Zombie novel so I said hey why the hell not. Because everything that’s free is not necessarily good that’s why.

I didn’t particularly enjoy this book at all. It’s pretty standard, run-of-the-mill zombie apocalypse stuff and most of it was too cliché and ridiculous to enjoy. The main character is just too accepting of the circumstances he’s found himself in and it all goes a bit too unrealistic towards the end with him turning into the sacrificial lamb. Blah…blah…blah.

The amazing thing is the author has continued this series on with another six or seven books at least. The mind boggles….

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World War Z by Max Brooks

Cover of "World War Z: An Oral History of...

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Well I was seriously impressed with this book. I’d seen it somewhere along the way in ‘Best of Zombie’ lists so I knew I’d eventually read it and not a minute too soon, I loved it. You know when someone says its unputdownable but really it totally is? I literally found this extremely hard to put down I actually found myself contemplating reading it for a few minutes while stuck at the traffic lights in town but don’t worry I restrained myself!

It’s written in a kind of report style with loads of different stories and aspects of the Zombie War/Apocalypse, whatever you want to call it. It begins telling a few different stories of the lead up to the outbreak and how different people coped with it in different countries around the world. It then went on to tell of stories throughout the main outbreaks and how people survived through it and eventually there were stories about how each county fought back and eventually drove back the living dead.

Because of all these different points of view and different settings you never once got bored and it was always fast paced and exciting. It’s hard to pick a favourite story but I did love the Japanese Submarine story and also the blind Chinese man. I also thought the part where it told how the US soldiers won back America from the living dead really good.

All in all this book is probably one of the best zombie novels out there and that says a lot in my opinion as the range is pretty vast at the moment. The one tiny flaw which has nothing whatsoever to do with the book really is the trailer for the movie out in June….. It’s hollywoodised. Complete with complete script rewrite and big name movie stars (Brad Pitt). Now don’t get me wrong I will still go to the movie and I’ll more than likely enjoy it too but it’s just a pity that they didn’t stay true to the book and have some kind of documentary style film instead of going the hollywood blockbuster route. Wonder how the author feels about it….


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Madly by M Leighton (Madly Series #1)

TMadly green[1]his was free to download on my kobo so I said I might as well give it a try. I’m always intrigued by stories involving mermaids and the like so this was right up that street. It’s kind of a genre that hasn’t been abused or over used yet anyway.

It was an interesting enough storyline with Madly, the main character, being a mermaid princess and her family getting held hostage in the underwater city while she was attending human school on land. I liked the whole aspect that they can live both on land and under water.

Of course there was the obligatory love triangle between Madly, her soon-to-be fiance Aiden and her bodyguard/Sentinel Jackson. Her and Aiden have some kind of arranged marriage thing going on which the author didn’t go too deep into in this instalment but from what I can tell they should develop some love tie when they reach a certain age or stage in their lives. However it seems that Madly may be developing this love tie with Jackson instead something which seems to be forbidden in world. Aiden is a simpering fool and Jackson is the tough-as-nails army dude so there’s no real competition which is a pity. Maybe we’ll see Aiden develop into someone a bit more appealing in following books.

This was a nice little freebie which is always a good thing. I enjoyed the storyline and I think I probably will buy the next few instalments and see where the story goes!

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Deadline by Mira Grant (Newsflesh Series #2)

deadline[1]I’ve missed zombie books, I really have. I haven’t read one since having my little man but when the new series of The Walking Dead started on tv it rekindled my love of all undead beings so I invested in the next in the Newsflesh Series. I loved the first book. I actually really worried about how they were going to continue on the series without the main narrator from the first book but I needn’t have. This was even better than the first in my opinion.

Shaun is narrating this book and it’s a little strange at first because even though George was killed at the end of the last book she’s still weirdly hanging out in the back of Shaun’s mind and he still regularly has conversations with her, most of which he has out loud, much to the bemusement of those around him. He’s obviously lost touch with reality slightly since being forced to shoot his own sister in the spine. Understandable, I guess.

The story races along with the CDC being more prominently involved in the whole conspiracy in this book and Shaun having to break into a number of CDC centers around the country to try to establish what exactly is going on with the weird statistics surrounding people with reservoir KA conditions. He figures it out eventually with pretty devastating results.

The ending is exciting and leaves you wanting to dive straight into Blackout, something I’m very tempted to do. Not only are we living in a post-Apocalyptic world, we’re now going through another one. Great!

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