Madly by M Leighton (Madly Series #1)

07 Mar

TMadly green[1]his was free to download on my kobo so I said I might as well give it a try. I’m always intrigued by stories involving mermaids and the like so this was right up that street. It’s kind of a genre that hasn’t been abused or over used yet anyway.

It was an interesting enough storyline with Madly, the main character, being a mermaid princess and her family getting held hostage in the underwater city while she was attending human school on land. I liked the whole aspect that they can live both on land and under water.

Of course there was the obligatory love triangle between Madly, her soon-to-be fiance Aiden and her bodyguard/Sentinel Jackson. Her and Aiden have some kind of arranged marriage thing going on which the author didn’t go too deep into in this instalment but from what I can tell they should develop some love tie when they reach a certain age or stage in their lives. However it seems that Madly may be developing this love tie with Jackson instead something which seems to be forbidden in world. Aiden is a simpering fool and Jackson is the tough-as-nails army dude so there’s no real competition which is a pity. Maybe we’ll see Aiden develop into someone a bit more appealing in following books.

This was a nice little freebie which is always a good thing. I enjoyed the storyline and I think I probably will buy the next few instalments and see where the story goes!

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