Alone by Robert J Crane (Girl in the Box Series #1)

15 Mar

Alone[1]So I seem to be going through a little spree of downloading any freebies that catch my eye on my Kobo and this was another one. Freebies can be very hit and miss as you can imagine, sometimes you find yourself reading absolute trash but other times you might find a little gem. This landed somewhere in the middle for me.

The premise of the story was actually pretty interesting. I liked the whole idea of superhumans with individual amazing abilities. It kind of had a whole avengers feel to it. I also liked the bad guy character of Wolfe, he was suitably evil and disgusting and reminded me of that bad guy in Xmen, you know the one with the claws? I also liked that the author left you wondering about certain characters and you’re never quite sure who’s the bad guys and who are the good guys.

Unfortunately it wasn’t all good. The main character of Sienna was painful. I realise that she is a girl who has lived her whole life trapped within the walls of one house and a lot of the time being abused and punished by her weird sadist mother but still she needs a crash course in being a human being. She is extremely selfish, never thinking of anyone but herself and causing hundreds of lives to be lost while she sits on her bum. Now eventually she finds a backbone but it comes a little too late for me.

I found this interesting and a nice length too for a free ebook. I actually do think that I will invest in the follow ups in this series and I just hope they continue to get better and don’t get worse. Fingers crossed…

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