Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead (Vampire Academy #5)

21 Apr
Cover of "Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy, ...

Cover of Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy, Book 5)

Hmmm…. For awhile there I wasn’t really truly enjoying these books. I felt like the main character, Rose, was too self-involved and in love with herself but, somehow, I’ve begun to like her all over again. She is still self-involved but maybe not as much and she’s not as in love with herself as she has been in previous books. However she is still very much flawed but I’m beginning to accept that and even kind of like that about her. I can tell you it makes the whole book a much nicer reading experience when you don’t detest the main character.

This installment begins at St.Vladmirs but we don’t stay there long as Rose graduates and moves to Court with Lissa and the rest of the gang. We only travel a bit outside the Court throughout the rest of the book which might seem a little boring compared to the last books trip across Russia but it actually wasn’t. I found it still as fast-paced and exciting and I wasn’t ever bored.

Here’s the bad part, the bit where Rose and Lissa broke Victor out of prison bothered me for a few reasons. One, Rose completely used both Eddie and Mikhail for her own advantage and their disadvantage, risking both their lives and their careers. Two, why didn’t she try to find Victors brother herself first instead of breaking Victor out of a high security prison just so he could call him up and say ‘Hey Bro, it’s your criminal brother here wanna meet up?’. Three, three teenagers are able to break a man out of what is supposedly the toughest maximum security prison in their world. Pushing it just a little I think.

So the main romantic storyline of Rose and Dimitri takes an unexpected turn with Dimitri being restored to his previous glory. I didn’t like the way he became towards Rose but I suppose it was never going to be easy. The person I really feel sorry for is Adrian who is just an awkward third wheel, poor pet. I’m kind of torn myself between the two men, I used to much prefer Dimitri over Adrian but now I’m leaning a little more towards Adrian. Also, I don’t get the whole drinking blood thing. It’s bad but it’s not bad but it is really is basically how I understand it.

Anyway I’m really looking forward to the last book in the series and I think I’ll miss the characters when I’m finished with it. I’m interested to see who, if anyone, Rose ends up with and how the rest of the storylines play out.

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