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The Giver by Lois Lowry (The Giver Quartet #1)

Cover of "The Giver"

Cover of The Giver

Ok so my first thought upon finishing this book was disappointment. Not because it was bad but because it was over. I just loved the whole concept of this book and the world that the author created. It was so intricate but yet strangely simple.

I loved following Jonas through a year in his life and learning about the new task he was given as the Receiver of the community. This basically means that he has to now be the keeper of past memories so that the rest of the community doesn’t have to deal with them. However as he begins to receive more and more memories from the Giver he starts to wonder if there should be more to his life and those around him and that possibly the world he lives in is not such a wonderful place after all.

Eventually circumstances force him to decide quickly that he must flee the community. I found the ending a little rushed as I really wanted to see more of Jonas coping in the outside world and how little Gabriel got on. I was relieved to see that this is not a stand-alone novel and there are more in the series so I am looking forward to reading those. I just hope they live up to my expectation now.

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Inferno by Dan Brown (Robert Langdon #4)


Inferno (Photo credit: Jhack❦)

Brown is somewhat of a genius. Not because he uses big words or writes interesting characters or has a good knowledge of art, symbology and other interesting topics but because he knows how to combine these factors to somehow make a very marketable book. The problem with this situation is that it tends to get a little old. If you don’t like one of Brown’s books you more than likely won’t like any of the rest either. They have pretty much the same plot line, same characters (I’m not just talking about Langdon) and they’re all set around some interesting topic that’s rarely been talked about so candidly in such a readable book.

This book doesn’t stray far from Brown’s recipe for success. The issue I now have with him is that his books have become incredibly predictable. Here comes unsuspecting hero Robert Langdon, the Harvard college professor, to once again save the world from some major catastrophe. How many times can this happen to one man?

Anyway this book centers around a crazed madman (surprise, surprise…) that wants to…..

wait for it…

release a new Black Plague that will cur the extreme rates of population growth on Earth!!! But he’s only doing this because in the long run it will save mankind so it’s okay, he just has to kill off a couple of billion people first.

*Spoiler Alert*
Except it turns out that this wasn’t the crazed madmans plan at all. In actual fact he engineered a virus that affects all humans DNA instead but doesn’t do any harm as such just makes a third of the population sterile. Not as bad as first feared but still probably not something that’s going to sit all that well with a lot of people. I presume Brown might not have heard of the words surrogacy, IVF, adoption, etc. Just because a third of the world can’t conceive doesn’t mean they can’t have a child.

As I said Brown is a genius but not for the reason you may think but because he has made a shed load of money by writing the same book six times. AND he gets people to buy them.

Including me.


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