Blackout by Mira Grant (Newsflesh Series #3)

05 Jul


So I’m finished with the Newsflesh Series and I am going to miss it so bloody much. (Haha get it?) The first instalment in this series was the first zombie novel I ever read and it alone got me hooked into this genre. To the point where I so rarely read anything else I’m beginning to wonder if I’m looking forward to a possible zombie apocalypse more than my own wedding…

Anyhow, the last book (sob…) in the series definitely lived up to expectations and I enjoyed it immensely. George made a miraculous return considering Shaun shot her in the neck to stop her amplifying into a living dead thing at the end of the first book. Wasn’t truly George though it was just a really good clone complete with all George’s memories and knowledge. So the pretty much the closest possible thing to George returning herself.

At first I wasn’t a hundred percent certain about the whole clone storyline as I kind of thought is it a little too far? Cloning a human being is kind of crazy isn’t it? Then I remembered I was reading a book about humans dying and then coming back to feast on the living and I thought ya I can probably go along with this. So George II is a clone. Shaun doesn’t care he’s still totes excited about her being back from the dead considering he was the one who had to shoot her to death in the first place.

So then George, Shaun and their extended family go on a fact-seeking mission to prove once and for all who the hell is after them and who’s killing people who have developed some kind of pretty awesome immunity to the whole Kellis-Amberlee virus and who released a horde of infected mosquitos on poor Cuba that then got blown over to Florida resulting in another zombie apocalypse, if you can indeed have two in one lifetime.

The storyline is good and it’s really detailed and well written. However there are some parts that I got a little confused at and I also would have preferred different outcomes to some subplots. But that’s just the happy-ending-lover in me. I am extremely glad that I somehow stumbled across this series and I’m sad to see it finish but I definitely enjoyed the ride.

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