Madly and Wolfhardt by M Leighton

19 Jul


This is one of those books that is by a fairly unknown author and hasn’t been getting loads of media attention but is still pretty damn good. I am enjoying this series and will definitely be continuing reading it.

Madly is a mermaid princess who has to save the world by encapturing the escaped Lore and putting them back behind bars in the underwater prison. While she’s doing that she also has to fight her feelings for her guardian sentinel Jackson who she’s falling madly (get it?) in love with. In Mer tradition she is only allowed to marry another Royal which Jackson is not.

You know it’s a pretty typical young adult love story but somehow I still really enjoyed their story. Jackson sounds delicious and Madly isn’t too terribly annoying. I always thought the idea of a mermaid story, other than Ariel, would be interesting if someone did it properly and this is definitely a step in that direction but I still think it’s a genre just waiting to be delved into even better.

I also really liked the way the author has taken nursery rhymes and childhood stories and worked them into the story as real bad guys and good guys and twisted them up a little. It reminds me a little of Wicked and I really enjoyed that novel. Hopefully the following books will continue to be as good.

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