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Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Title page from the first edition of the first...

Title page from the first edition of the first volume of Pride and Prejudice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My reasons for reading this were threefold. One, I try to squeeze in a classic novel every now and again just because I think that there are books out there that everyone should read at least once in their lives and obviously these are classics for a reason and need to be read.

Two, I loved Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and I always thought that Pride and Prejudice might be something similar so I always intended on reading it at some stage or another.

Three, this is probably a really bad reason for wanting to read what is hailed as a literary masterpiece but I thought it would probably benefit me to have this read first before I read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies… I’m sorry.

Anyhow regardless of why I read this it turns out that I really, really enjoyed it. It wasn’t really like Jane Eyre at all but that’s ok because it was very good in its originality. Basically the book centers around Elizabeth, a fairly middle-class woman in the 1800’s who is not the stereotypical woman of those ages. She is strong-minded, independent and fiercely opinionated. All traits which would probably have stood against her back then. Most men wanted women who just did as they were told in those days (some still do unfortunately).

I immediately loved Elizabeth’s character as she’s just the kind of person you wish you could be sometimes. I also loved Jane, even though she wasn’t as strong-willed as Elizabeth she was so nice and tried to see the good in everyone no matter how awful a person they truly were.

Elizabeth meets the famous Mr Darcy when he visits a friend near her home and instantly takes a dislike to him as he comes across as very arrogant and rude. As time goes on, however, things change and both characters feelings change towards each other. With a lot of bumps a long the road.

This is a really good love story. It was obviously written so long ago that there are situations in it that would seem absurd now. However even though some parts were old-fashioned and out-dated the general storyline was as good or better as any modern love story. In fact, the lack of sex or any other modern part of relationships actually made the whole reading experience just so different and lovely. It was refreshing to read a love story where the characters fell in love first before any physical love took place. It can still happen you know?

I’m currently ‘living in sin’ so don’t take me up wrong I’m not a strict christian/catholic person I just found the story refreshing.

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Mila 2.0 Origins by Debra Drizer (Mila 2.0 Series Novella)


So this was a little freebie on my Kobo and you know what I really liked it. I just love when one of these freebies turn out to be actually quite good. I think it’s because I expect so little that even something a teeny bit good I just think it’s great!

However this was genuinely good I feel and as it’s a prequel to the actual novel it has definitely piqued my interest enough to invest in the book. The premise of the storyline is pretty original to me anyway. The main girl Mila seems to be some kind of robotic being and the prequel just explains how she got to be in that situation.

I liked it and because it was the first novella that I’ve bought in a while that I actually enjoyed it also cheered me up no end!! Thank you Debra Driza!

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What Once We Feared by Carrie Ryan (Forest of Hands and Teeth Novella)


I honestly am not sure what the exact point of this novella was because it didn’t offer anything new or original to the Forest of Hands and Teeth series. It’s basically the story of a few random people and how they survive the first onslaught of zombies.

There is nothing original about the storyline at all. It’s your atypical zombie apocalypse scenario and the character’s are so stereotypical and cliché it’s embarrassing. The weak one, the funny one, the strong but on the inside not strong one, blah, blah,blah. And then….

They all die.

The End.

I’m not even kidding. That’s it. We meet a few randomers, they hole up in an apartment to get away from crazy zombies, two pages later they starve to death. Bye bye. We don’t learn anything about how the villages and civilisations came about in the series. We don’t see any of the characters from the books. We don’t learn how or why people decided to turn crazy and eat each other. Nothing.

Disappointing with a capital D.


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Hare Moon by Carrie Ryan (Forest of Hands and Teeth Novella)


I actually read this a while back after I finished The Forest of Hands and Teeth and I’m not sure why I didn’t write a review for it but I’m going to take a wild guess and say because it was so ridiculously short it wasn’t worth my well-worn energy at the time.

It’s basically Tabitha’s back story and her reasons for becoming the person we saw in Forest of Hands and Teeth. Not terribly exciting and definitely not worth paying for.

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How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea by Mira Grant (Newsflesh Novella #3)

How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea - Mira Grant

This was well worth the three euro I paid for it. For once a novella that is not a ten minute read!! This little story is part of the Newsflesh family but don’t expect any major characters to appear like Shaun or Georgia. This book centers around Mahir who we have met in the Newsflesh novels before but was never a character that the author delved into too deeply and so it was nice to learn a little more about him and see him out in the field. Especially since he is the man who Shaun and George left the site to.

Basically this follows him as he travels to Australia which is slightly different to the rest of the world post-Rising in that it still holds true to a lot of the beliefs it had pre-Zombie invasion. It still wants to conserve as many native Australian animals as it possibly can (zombified or not), it doesn’t believe in super tight security everywhere you go and people live in houses with a lot of windows.

So Mahir’s main reason for travelling there is the existence of what they call the rabbit-proof fence which as you can imagine now holds out a lot more than just rabbits. This massive fence expands across a huge portion of the Australian wilderness to keep the now zombified kangaroo population out of human populated areas. Mahir finds the laws about conservation a bit mind-boggling to say the least as he just fails to understand why anyone would want to put an animals needs above a human. However the Australian’s are holding on tightly to what is theirs and theirs alone and they’re not willing to give it up easily.

As with all of Grants books I just fall straight into the story and find it hard to pull myself back out. Usually after I read a book in a particular genre I want to read something in a different genre just to mix things up so I don’t get bored but with Grant it’s so different in fact every time I read a Grant book it makes me want to read another book in the Zombie genre as Grants books are just so exciting. I don’t actually have any books in this genre on my to-read list though for once. Suppose I’ll have to start something else in the meantime.



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One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern


Usually I am a massive fan of Cecelia and I’ve enjoyed most of her books except for PS I Love You which ironically is probably her biggest success. However, this disappointed me. Which will probably mean it will become another huge success for her!!

The last few books that I’ve read from Cecelia have had a fairly major fantastical element in them which I just loved and this barely touched on anything like that at all. I don’t really understand why an author would all of a sudden just change her genre style like that so this confused and disappointed me.

Although I was disappointed there was still good things about the book too. The storyline was nice and interesting. The characters were sweet and you wanted to hear their different stories. It’s set in Ireland so that always appeals to me and the little Irish mannerisms and phrases are always nice to hear in a book. It’s a sweet book with sweet stories and sweet characters. However it never builds into a big enough finale and I felt content at the end but not wowed if you get me?

I just hope that she returns to the fantasy genre in future books as that’s where I feel she shines and it’s when I love reading her the most.

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2nd Chance by James Patterson (Womens Murder Club #2)

2nd Chance (novel)

2nd Chance (novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been way too long since I read 1st To Die, the first novel in this series and I really don’t know why I put it on the back-burner for so long. To be brutally honest I have the worst memory ever and I struggle to remember what actually happened in 1st To Die but I do remember the characters and the general gist of the plot and I also remember that I enjoyed it and kept the series on my to-read list all this time.

The second instalment didn’t disappoint by any means. I like Patterson’s quick way of writing. I love the fact that most chapters aren’t a whole lot longer than three pages and that it switches between one main good guy character and the bad guy character’s points of views. This book pretty much follows his old reliable pattern and in my eyes that’s a really good thing. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it I say.

Lindsay Boxer is a likeable character. She’s a typical tough cop-type character but she has a softer more vulnerable side that comes out every now and again. I really enjoyed the bad guy in this book as the author really kept you guessing till the very end. In fact I am usually fairly good at guessing whodunnit but I was genuinely surprised. I kind of hate it and love it when that happens.

Good storyline, good characters, good book.

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