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Roses Are Red by James Patterson (Alex Cross Series #6)

Cover of "Roses Are Red (Alex Cross)"

Cover of Roses Are Red (Alex Cross)

Once again another exciting read from Patterson. I always love his Alex Cross novels and this was no different. He just seems to have that knack for writing fast paced, exciting thrillers. It’s a style you either love or hate I think and I definitely am on the love side.

In this instalment Alex is on the hunt once again for a serial killer who likes to rob banks and kill bank staff and also their family members. The Mastermind, as he likes to be known, is a highly intelligent and organised killer who loves to mess with everyone involved in the case. It was exciting stuff and as always I do like that we see it from the killer’s point of view in some chapters too. I always thinks it’s interesting to see how a deranged lunatic’s mind works!

I did have a few problems with this book though. The brutal killing of little kids and in one case a pregnant woman was very hard-hitting. Maybe I’ve gone soft in my old age (or motherhood) but I found them a bit hard to read. I know that it was showing how cold-hearted and cruel the Mastermind could truly be but I shudder to think that there are people out there who could senselessly kill a toddler or a pregnant woman. Ugh…. There’s also a scene where a mother is tied up and her young baby is has been silenced with duct tape over its mouth. My skin crawls every time I even imagine this situation. And then the scene at the end where a victim has been brutally raped and killed. When I say brutal I mean brutal. It is savage. I’ve never noticed Patterson’s books being quite as violent before but again maybe it’s my old age creeping in!! I will admit it adds to the evil persona of the Mastermind and does make you hate him and root for the good guys  so I suppose it’s there for a reason. I just found myself to be slightly uncomfortable through some parts.

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A Clash Of Kings by George RR Martin (A Song Of Ice And Fire#2)

A Clash of Kings

A Clash of Kings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh man what a hunk of a book but please everyone don’t let the size put you off it’s well worth the arm ache or the accidental face thump! I left way too much time between the first of the series and this, the second instalment and so it took me a good few chapters to remember who was who and I did refer to the maps at the front of the book a couple of times to figure out where everyone was and where they were going. Once it all got sorted out in my head then I was in for one hell of a ride.

Once again it was just unputdownable which is tough for me now as I don’t have the luxury of long reading periods so I had to make do with what I could which is why it took me long enough to get through. This does not mean it wasn’t exciting in any way. I can’t really decide who my favourite characters are as they change so much throughout the story. In the first book I hated Sansa and found her unbearable but in this instalment I looked forward to her chapters and I really want something good to happen to her in the future now. I still love Tyrion and his remains one of the chapters I look forward to the most. We also meet a few new characters in this book. Theon Greyjoy is one who we met in the first book as a ward of Winterfell and a friend to Robb and the other Stark children. In this book however he takes an evil turn when he returns to his Iron Islands and decides that he deserves to be more than just a Prince of the Islands but a Prince elsewhere aswell. Lets just say that things get ugly with him and he really turns out to be a nasty, nasty man. Davos is another new character and I liked him. He’s an honest, decent type of man who gives us a great insight into Stannis Baratheon’s reign.

There is so much going on in these books that it’s hard to even begin to explain the storyline. Basically it’s called a Clash of Kings because there are now officially four kings, Joffrey, Stannis, Renly and Robb. There is also Queen Daenaerys and her dragons trying to make her way back to the West from Quarth and Mance Rayder from beyond the Wall. It all turns very messy towards the end and more than one King does not survive.

I love this whole story and never have I seen a whole world built so intricately and detailed since Lord of the Rings. It also rivals any of the best major novels for plotline and characters. The funny thing about A Song of Ice and Fire is that if you asked me to name all the major characters I would struggle hugely yet if you were to say to me that one dies in the next chapter I would be heartbroken. This is because even though the world that the author has created is so vast and the characters so many you still feel close to every single one of them, good and bad. I have a deep love for characters on every side of the battle and so it was weird getting to the battle scenes and not being sure who it is you want to win. This is the brilliance that Martin has created. I don’t know what age he is or what he looks like but I think I may love him a little…

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