Roses Are Red by James Patterson (Alex Cross Series #6)

13 Nov
Cover of "Roses Are Red (Alex Cross)"

Cover of Roses Are Red (Alex Cross)

Once again another exciting read from Patterson. I always love his Alex Cross novels and this was no different. He just seems to have that knack for writing fast paced, exciting thrillers. It’s a style you either love or hate I think and I definitely am on the love side.

In this instalment Alex is on the hunt once again for a serial killer who likes to rob banks and kill bank staff and also their family members. The Mastermind, as he likes to be known, is a highly intelligent and organised killer who loves to mess with everyone involved in the case. It was exciting stuff and as always I do like that we see it from the killer’s point of view in some chapters too. I always thinks it’s interesting to see how a deranged lunatic’s mind works!

I did have a few problems with this book though. The brutal killing of little kids and in one case a pregnant woman was very hard-hitting. Maybe I’ve gone soft in my old age (or motherhood) but I found them a bit hard to read. I know that it was showing how cold-hearted and cruel the Mastermind could truly be but I shudder to think that there are people out there who could senselessly kill a toddler or a pregnant woman. Ugh…. There’s also a scene where a mother is tied up and her young baby is has been silenced with duct tape over its mouth. My skin crawls every time I even imagine this situation. And then the scene at the end where a victim has been brutally raped and killed. When I say brutal I mean brutal. It is savage. I’ve never noticed Patterson’s books being quite as violent before but again maybe it’s my old age creeping in!! I will admit it adds to the evil persona of the Mastermind and does make you hate him and root for the good guys  so I suppose it’s there for a reason. I just found myself to be slightly uncomfortable through some parts.

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