Madly and The Jackal by M Leighton (Madly #3)

26 Dec

madlyI think this was a little bit of a find to be honest. It seems to be a fairly unknown series but it is definitely worth reading. I always thought the whole mermaid world was a genre worth exploring and this sure makes a good attempt at that. Madly is slightly irritating at times and I didn’t overly enjoy the whole Jackson turning bad storyline either but other than that it was a pretty good book overall.

One thing surprised me and that was the sex. Lots and lots of graphic sex in this book. Now I love a good sex scene, don’t get me wrong, but I just wasn’t expecting it. The first two books in this series were very much young adult orientated with only the occasional very tame kiss or sexy daydreams involved so it just came out of nowhere. Suppose I really shouldn’t give out as I don’t get surprised by sex that often in books anymore!

The storyline was good with more Lore needing capturing, this time it was the Jackal and Hyde, a play on the old Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde story. The story didn’t really center too much around the Lore story this time it was more about Madly and Jackson’s love affair which was a little annoying as I loved the whole Lore storyline in the previous book. I am still looking forward to the next instalment and can’t wait to see how Madly and Jackson’s love progresses in the future.

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