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Blue Moon by Laurell K Hamilton (Anita Blake Series #8)

anitaAah I fear I have finally encountered the beginning of the decline in quality of Anita Blake books that everyone tried to warn me about. During the last few instalments Anita had decided she was with Jean-Claude and had begun having a relationship with him. However in this book she ends up sleeping with Richard but this does not stop her still having feelings for Jean-Claude. In fact she decides that most probably she will continue to see both men and what’s even more shocking is the fact that both men seem to be fairly ok with this. Weird right?

Actually no. That’s not the weird part of this book. That’s the part that is the most normal. Not only does she sleep with Richard while supposedly being in love with Jean-Claude, she has sexual feelings towards many other men including Asher and Damien (both vampires) and also Jason and Nathaniel (both lycanthropes). She ends up in sexual situations with nearly all of these men even though she keeps saying that she doesn’t want to be.

Don’t get me started on the part where she’s channeling Raina. She becomes this sex-mad fiend who asks everyone and anyone to fuck her which results in a race through a forest with a lot of very horny werewolves chasing her who want to ‘take her’. Of course she doesn’t really want to be taken, it’s just that creepy bitch Raina speaking, and so she ends up causing a lot of people to be hurt trying to protect her. It’s all very strange and the first book where everything was overtly sexual. Nothing was just a simple gesture or affectionate touch, they all meant something worse than what they seemed and to be honest it all got a bit tiring towards the end.

The plotline about Richard and the trolls and the whole vendetta against him was interesting enough but I feel like it got sidelined a lot to deal with everything going on with Anita and all her men. Niley and Linus had the makings of really scary bad guys but we didn’t meet them until very near the end and they got killed off a bit too quickly and easily in my eyes. Also, was there any need for Richards mother to be raped? I mean come on… Enough with the sexual violence already.

It wasn’t terrible, there were still a lot of parts to enjoy but I just hope I haven’t finally reached the beginning of the end for Anita.

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Beautiful Disaster by Jamie Maguire (Beautiful #1)

disasterDear God why? Why would you inflict this on us? Why? The main female character is a freak show schizophrenic and the main male character is a violent control freak who has serious mental health issues. Their relationship is extremely unhealthy and is not what you should aspire to kids!! Ughhh…. I was just so disappointed.

It actually didn’t start off too bad I thought maybe it was going to be a different, kind of interesting love story with a Sandy and Danny type love affair. How wrong I was… Even though Travis seemed to be a stereotypical bad guy who does what he wants when he wants and goes through more drink and women than most people have hot dinners that doesn’t really last all too long. He soon becomes stalkeresque obsessed with Abby who he ridiculously nicknames Pigeon (they are typically known as rats with wings so ya… that’s cute). Eventually she succumbs to his ‘obvious’ charms and they then progress to become the most annoying fictional couple since Bella and Edward.

One paragraph they are head over heels madly in love and the next they are physically and/or verbally attacking each other. Aaah young love… So sweet. I’m all for a turbulent relationship with a few ups and downs but this really took the absolute piss. It was just so frustrating as a reader to deal with characters who seemed so indecisive and co-dependent on each other. Am I wrong in thinking that no one wants to end up in a relationship like theirs? I most definitely do not anyway. As a reader I like to be able to somewhat relate to the characters in a book. Personally I think its pretty much essential. I did not relate to these characters. And more importantly I didn’t want to.

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