The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd

06 Feb

secret lifeThis was given to me over a year ago by mother who thought it was a fantastic read and with all that went on in the last year in my life (new baby, new house, etc) I’m only getting around to read it now. It was definitely worth keeping a hold of all this time as I really enjoyed it.

It’s a story set in southern America around the time when coloured people were just beginning to be given the same rights as whites. It’s both a sad and happy tale with a bit of humor mixed in. Our protagonist is Lily, a young teenage white girl who doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere, at school or at home. Her mother died in an unfortunate accident when she was young so she lives with her father and Rosaleen, a coloured housekeeper/nanny.

Rosaleen gets into an altercation with some white men and ends up being arrested and put in jail. Upon realising that how unfairly Rosaleen has been treated Lily decides to escape from town and bring Rosaleen with her. She makes her way to another small town that she found the name of in some of her mothers things. This is where she meets August and her sisters.

August is a beekeeper and she lives with her two sisters May and June. Lily starts to help August with her beekeeping and slowly begins to find her own sense of self and find out more about her mother and how she ended up in where she did in life. It’s a lovely story and it kept me interested most of the time. I didn’t absolutely adore it like so many seem to have but it was enjoyable for sure.

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Posted by on February 6, 2014 in Book Review


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