How To Fall In Love by Cecelia Ahern

22 Feb

This probably wasn’t the absolute best thing for me to read at this particular time in my lifececelia. I’m unfortunately suffering from post natal depression after having my little man and I need books that distract me from this but this centered around a woman who through an unfortunate series of events (excuse the Lemony Snicket pun) comes across two men attempting to commit suicide. The first one she was unable to stop but the second man she did manage to talk down from the side of a bridge. She promises him that she can help him to fall back in love with his life in the space of two weeks. If at the end of the two weeks she fails then he has all intentions of going through with his original plan.

So not a book that’s a bundle of laughs but I didn’t really didn’t expect that anyway from Cecelia Ahern. I suppose it was still a nice story and it had a nice happy ending but I felt it was just a slight bit too close to the bone for me at the moment. Also the male character, Adam, annoyed me which in turn worried me because I wonder am I that annoying on one of my bad days? He was extremely selfish and other than being very good-looking did very little to come across as attractive to me anyway. He changed his mind constantly and it struck me as odd that everything that was driving him to suicide in the beginning of the book he ended up doing in the end with no problems.

I miss Cecelia’s books that have a bit of a fantasy element mixed in they always appealed to me but the last two I’ve read have been a little more of a normal storyline which just kind of bores me a bit.

I suppose it was sweet in ways just maybe not the book for me at this time in my life.

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