Unwind by Neal Schusterman (Unwind #1)

18 Mar
Unwind by Neal Schusterman (Unwind #1)

I know this sounds pretty strange but I was in bad need of a good dystopian read. Is there something wrong with me I often wonder? It seems to me that they are the type of book that draws you in and shows you a reality so different to your own that it can’t help but be terribly exciting!

This one was no exception. The premise of the book is basically abortion has been outlawed but parents can decide between the ages of 13 and 18 that they can have their child unwound. Which for all intents and purposes means that every part of that child is donated for use in other peoples bodies who are sick or injured.

Kinda sick right? Right.

You see the scariest thing about most of these dystopians is that they are sometimes like a window into a possible future. I’d like to think that this was a little too extreme an idea to actually ever come into practice but who knows? I am pro life so I personally think that abortion is pretty much just as bad as this unwinding process but that’s just my opinion. One thing I’m certain of and that’s that even though it was a horrible idea it made for a pretty good book.

The characters were all likeable and I look forward to reading more about them in follow ups to this book. An unusual story and in a world filled with so many dystopian novels and some pretty unoriginal ideas this stood out. Well done Neal!


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