Somewhere In Between by Ruth Gilligan

29 Mar

Oh dear… That’s two poor books in a row now I’m in a bad way. I need something with a lot of zombies or at the very least an apocalypse of some kind. Unfortunately I have an inability to quit reading a book once I’ve began unless it is an atrocity of epic proportions so alas I’ve had to finish out the last two books I’ve read even though sometimes I very much wanted to throw them at the wall.

The thing about this author is that I actually admire her as she is a young female writer from Ireland however her first two books were just not her best work. She wrote these when she was quite young and I feel that it really shows. I read this book along with her first novel when I was much younger and I really enjoyed them back then but with a slightly more mature outlook I see a lot of major flaws. The book is once again set in South Dublin, an extremely affluent area of Ireland. It is known in Ireland for producing quite arrogant spoilt teenagers who think themselves better than everyone just because of their address. I’m not saying all people who live there are like this but I have personally came across many who like to holiday where I live in Ireland and let’s just say they can be at best very very rude and at worst violent, dangerous thugs. This book does NOTHING to change anyone’s opinion about this area, if anything it solidifies this belief.

The characters are all spoilt teenagers who have just finished their final exams in secondary school and are embarking on their last summer of freedom before college starts. Mostly this consists of using mammy and daddy’s money to go drinking every weekend, go on holidays and then do some more drinking. I hate that Ireland has this awful drink culture and reading a book like this makes me angry. It glorifys being drunk and drinking until you are absolutely incoherent. This is NOT something that you HAVE to do on a night out ok? Shockingly it is possible to go out and have fun without being so drunk you can’t stand. Ughhhh I just hate this attitude towards drink in Ireland that a lot of people seem to have. It’s as if you have to drink to be part of the crowd. You don’t. Be different.

Rant over. Other than that major issue the storyline had it’s ups and downs. The anorexia issue was interesting in so far as you got to see how someone’s mind works with that condition but it was also frustrating as I struggled to sympathise much with Chloe she was so unlikeable. Most of the characters were not very nice people to be honest and I struggle to remember any that I felt some kind of empathy with. Sam, maybe.

I need something with zombies to cheer me up after this debacle…


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