Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry (Joe Ledger #1)

05 Apr

Man did I need this book… After two bad reading experiences in a row this was a knight in shining armour! I have struggled to find many good zombie books that have an actual good storyline and something that will keep you interested after the zombies stop attacking. Which isn’t as easy as it sounds surprisingly enough.

My favourite zombie series so far is probably the Newsflesh series by Mira Grant. It was just so well thought out and in depth with a whole lot of good, old-fashioned, rip-your-throat-out zombies thrown in for good measure. This may come in an easy second after Newsflesh. It’s definitely not as intellectually minded as Grants effort but it sure as hell is a rollicking good read!

I don’t think it slowed down once through the whole book. In actual fact the whole book centers around events that take place over the course of about three days so you can imagine how fast paced that makes the book.

So basically the storyline focuses around a terrorist plot to release a viral plague on America which turns people into flesh eating, violent zombies. Not an ideal situation. Joe Ledger along with a few other military types form a new task force in the DMS (Department of Military Sciences). They are tasked with the unenviable job of seeking out the terrorist cells and destroying any zombies along with the terrorists themselves.

I really enjoyed this book but I do find myself wondering whether it was because I was so desperately in need of zombies that I’d settle for anything or because it was genuinely very good? Maybe a bit of both. I definitely found it a little too All-American hero, gung-ho at times and it was also definitely a bit clichéd where terrorists are concerned. Muslim and Middle Eastern of course. However it was a great, fun read and it was exactly what I needed so I’m a happy girl.


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