Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

09 Apr

Hmmm I’m not one hundred percent sure how I actually feel about this book. I liked it for sure but did I love it? I don’t think so.

So I was only vaguely familiar with the whole Frankenstein story. Of course I had seen the green monster masks with screws in its neck for Halloween and I had heard the stories of him being a monster brought to life by a mad scientist but that was it and I’m afraid not for the first time Hollywood has messed with the original and this book is barely recognisable as the Frankenstein story that’s so popular these days.

First of all Frankenstein was the name of the scientist not the monster?! Surprised? Me too.

Also he wasn’t green and wasn’t held together with screws. He was deformed and ugly but not to that extreme. Poor monster…

I did feel very sorry for the poor monster created by the self centred Frankenstein. All he wanted was to be loved or at the very least accepted by a fellow being as something other than the ugly wretch he believes himself. Frankenstein on the other hand cares about very little other than himself and even though seems to hold himself responsible for the monsters actions he repeatedly delays taking any action himself to stop him.

The end is actually quite sad and made me unsure how I felt about the book overall.


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