Awakened by Brenda K Davies (Vampire Awakenings #1)

22 Apr

I think I got this for free on my kobo and if it wasn’t free then it was definitely very cheap. It was just one of those books you download because they sound vaguely like something that might be interesting. It has been on my kobo for awhile never really appealing to me enough to actually start reading until now. I have to admit I was very worried at the start of this book as it had all the hallmarks of a poor twilight offspring.

I was wrong this was much better than twilight. However that wouldn’t be very hard now would it? It had a better storyline, the characters weren’t as painfully annoying and there was sex which, let’s face it makes an extremely bad book worth reading (case in point ‘Fifty Shades’). It was a bit too soppy and lovey-dovey at stages for my taste but never too much that I stopped reading.

The main bad point about this book was the spelling and grammar mistakes. The mixing up of the words to and too drove me insane and there were some punctuation issues also. I completely understand that an author can make a mistake here and there and even that they can be missed by an editor or whatever but every time the words too or to were used it was incorrectly. There is no excuse for that. Drove me insane.

However I did enjoy this book and I see that it is the first in a series which I’m glad about as I’m always looking for more series to start (as if I haven’t enough already…).


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