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Bloodline by Mark Billingham (Tom Thorne #8)

I’ve missed Tom Thorne and I didn’t even realise quite how much until I picked up this book and began it. Billingham is exactly what I like in a crime novelist. He’s exciting, fast-paced and writes excellent bad guys!

In this instalment the bad guy is retracing the footsteps of his serial killer dad and killing off his dad’s victims kids one by one. With me? It did get a little confusing at times and I have found before with Billingham that there are quite a high amount of characters in his books which sometimes make them difficult to follow. It did happen once or twice in this book but if you keep reading it tends to all click into place!

It’s just as exciting as previous Thorne books and as always there’s plenty of twists and runs along the way. Thorne and Louise are still going strong but unfortunately have just suffered a miscarriage. Thorne struggles to deal with his feeling towards the pregnancy and the miscarriage and carries a lot of guilt and turmoil throughout the book. He works through it with the help of his various buddy’s and him and Lou are looking happier than ever by the end! I really hope that they do eventually have a baby I’d love to see Thornes softer side come through more but I have a feeling that it may signal the beginning of the end of the series.

This may not be such a terrible thing though I always prefer to see a series end well rather than drag on until it is no longer enjoyable and you’re just reading for the sake of getting to the end. We’ll have to see what Billingham had in mind I suppose.


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Obsidian Butterfly by Laurell K Hamilton (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #9)

Well praise The Lord!! I wasn’t expecting this to say the least. The last Anita Blake book was disappointing and with the way I’ve heard people talk about how the series gets quite bad at around this point I was seriously worried. Maybe the last book was just a bump in the road for me or maybe this one is the last one that will appeal to me. I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see what narcissus in chains brings to the table.

This was interesting in that we got to see more of Anita’s friend Edward, also known simply as Death. He was always a bit mysterious and while he appeared in a good few of the books so far we never really got to know anything about him. In this book he calls in a favour that Anita owed him and so she travels to his home in New Mexico to help him out with some brutal murders going on in the area. Much to Anita’s surprise, and everyone else’s, Edward lives the life of good-boy, bounty hunter Ted Forrester who is ever helpful to the police in the locality. Ted also has a lovely, sweet fiancé who has two kids from a previous relationship that Ted has taken under his wing as a would-be Stepdad. Shocked anyone?

At first Anita is disgusted thinking that Ted has just taken his disguise way too far until she eventually learns that what may have started as a disguise has possibly led to Edward feeling more than even he thought he could.

The murders she’s called into help are particularly brutal even for an Anita Blake book. The victims are torn limb from limb and gutted while still alive and the survivors are flayed skinless creatures that have had tongues, eyeballs and other appendages all removed. Not pleasant as you can imagine.

A lot of parts of this book were downright creepy. The flayed survivors were horrible, the nursery scene in the hospital was horrific and the various scenes in Obsidian Butterfly were also quite disturbing to say the least. What was truly atrocious to me though were the scenes of child abuse towards the end if the book. It was hard to read to be honest and I nearly put down the book in disgust. I realise that there are people out there that are just that horrible that they can abuse children but I’m not sure if it ever needs to be described in a fictional book you’re reading for entertainment purposes? It makes me extremely uncomfortable but maybe that’s just me.

Other than that the book did have a good storyline although I must say although I didn’t miss the highly charged sexual moments between Anita and seemingly every man or beast she met in the last book I did miss Jean-Claude and Richard. A girl needs a little love in her life. It does seem that every man Anita comes across falls madly in love/lust with her though. For a woman who at the end of the day is more than a little bloodthirsty and a whole lot crazy she gets a lot of male attention.

It was better than the last one but I still worry about the future of Anita Blake..


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