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3rd Degree by James Patterson (Womens Murder Club #3)

It was good there’s no doubt about that. It was definitely a classic Patterson tale that’s for sure and it didn’t disappoint in the excitement stakes. It’s not often that I read two books from the same author in a row and to be honest it was for no reason other than the fact that I just so happened to have two Patterson books on my shelf to read and nothing else appealed to me. The surprising thing is that the two books read like they are written by completely different people and I suppose they kind of are since he was helped by co authors on both books. How much do these authors actually do? Just help fill the gaps or do they write the majority and he just edits it? I’d love to know if anyone can fill me in.

I’ve enjoyed the Womens Murder Club series so far and this was not a let down. The plot centers around an extremist group of people who believe that the CEO’s and high political figures of America are destroying the world bit by bit and it’s their job to stop them. Cue a lot of high profiles deaths in a very ugly fashion.

The front cover brags about how one of the main characters are going to be killed off and to be honest I wish it hadn’t done that as it at least would have come as some surprise. As it was however you knew which one was going to kick the bucket from the first chapter. I hoped that it was going to throw a curve ball and surprise me but no such luck.

It was still good, better than Zoo which I has just read from Patterson. The thing with Patterson is that he has a style and he sticks to it. It works for him so why not? Short chapters, fast paced, big bad guy, love story, etc. Its tried and tested and hasn’t failed him yet. I don’t mind because if I want an exciting, easy-to-read thriller that doesn’t require huge amounts of brain power then I always know which book to pick up next.


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Zoo by James Patterson

Meh… That’s what I felt most of the time while reading this book. Meh.

It’s neither here nor there. It’s not bad but it ain’t all too good either. It had so many elements that should have had me hooked. It was fast paced, it had an apocalyptic situation, it had animals, it had a love story but believe it or not there seemed to be something still missing. I suppose I was hooked for a while but it wasn’t a book I was so excited about picking up every evening and it took me a while to get through considering how fast I usually read Pattersons books.

By the way does anyone know how this whole cowriting business actually works? Does Patterson just come up with a rough idea and the other guy does all the hard work or do they actually write together chapter by chapter? I just hope it’s not Patterson sticking his name on a book he had nothing to do with just to try and sell a few extra copies. That would be a bit depressing.

Anyhow as I said this book is a bit blah. I did like the actual premise and if it had been thought out a bit more I think it could have been absolutely amazing. However there was a lack of tension and a lack of atmosphere. With most good apocalypse books you can really feel the emotion of being afraid and lonely, etc. I felt v little during this book. It’s a real shame as it could have been amazing.



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Gullivers’s Travels by Johnathon Swift

This took me so long to read considering it’s quite a short book and to be honest I think I know why. I did not enjoy it. By the end I was dying for it to be over so I could start something new. It’s not that it was absolutely terrible but I think it just didn’t appeal to me which I am a little surprised about because it had so many elements which should have had me hooked.

It had strange new worlds with different people and exciting voyages which have always appealed to me in the past but something turned me off with this book. I’m not altogether sure what that was. Was it the annoying protagonist? The not so subtle sexist remarks about women? The boring political references to England’s government at the time the book was written? The blatant disregard the main character had for his wife and family who he regularly abandoned throughout the book to go on dangerous and usually unsuccessful voyages? A combination of all these things methinks.

One of the first classic novels that had such a good reputation that I didn’t enjoy. I didn’t love Frankenstein but I could still appreciate what was good about it. This I’m struggling with to be honest. I’d say that maybe I need to re-read it but the thought of that actually gives me shivers of fear and revulsion!!


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