Zoo by James Patterson

17 Jun

Meh… That’s what I felt most of the time while reading this book. Meh.

It’s neither here nor there. It’s not bad but it ain’t all too good either. It had so many elements that should have had me hooked. It was fast paced, it had an apocalyptic situation, it had animals, it had a love story but believe it or not there seemed to be something still missing. I suppose I was hooked for a while but it wasn’t a book I was so excited about picking up every evening and it took me a while to get through considering how fast I usually read Pattersons books.

By the way does anyone know how this whole cowriting business actually works? Does Patterson just come up with a rough idea and the other guy does all the hard work or do they actually write together chapter by chapter? I just hope it’s not Patterson sticking his name on a book he had nothing to do with just to try and sell a few extra copies. That would be a bit depressing.

Anyhow as I said this book is a bit blah. I did like the actual premise and if it had been thought out a bit more I think it could have been absolutely amazing. However there was a lack of tension and a lack of atmosphere. With most good apocalypse books you can really feel the emotion of being afraid and lonely, etc. I felt v little during this book. It’s a real shame as it could have been amazing.



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