Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult

06 Jul

** Spoilers in this review**

So I’ve read three of Picoults books now and this rated probably second before Nineteen Minutes and after My Sisters Keeper. It wasn’t as gripping as Nineteen Minutes but it also wasn’t the painful sob fest that My Sisters Keeper was.

Basically Salem Falls centers around Jack, a teacher, who is wrongly accused of having a sexual affair with a student and minor. He gets convicted and spends eight months in prison. Upon finishing his sentence he randomly stops in Salem Falls and finds a job at the local diner. He starts to settle in and even finds a love interest in the diner owner Addie. Unfortunately it all goes belly-up when he has to register as a sex offender and locals start to find out about his sordid past.

To cut a long story short, he’s once again accused of sexual assault on a teenage girl. He once again pleads his innocence but the reader remains in doubt as to whether he is truly telling the truth.

The problem I have with Jack is this. He’s a bit of an idiot isn’t he? A man previously wrongly convicted of sexual assault should surely run a mile from a group of semi naked teenage girls alone in the middle of the woods at night. Not Jack. He sits down and joins them for a cup of tea and a dance around the bonfire. And yes, I know he was drunk but come on?? Drunk or not I think he should have been able to grasp the ridiculousness of the whole situation.

As for Gillian…

What. A. Nutjob.

The last line in the book is supposed to be this huge dramatic twist but I could see it coming from about a third of the way in. Gillian was so messed up it was clear there was something going on in her life that made her the way she was. Doesn’t excuse lying about someone rapeing you though does it? Women who lie about sexual assaults are the scum of the earth in my opinion as every time a woman does this a real rape victims chance of being believed lessens just a little bit.

The thing is though that Gillian is a rape victim it’s just that Jack is not the rapist. It’s her dear old dad. Why she feels the need to accuse someone else is beyond me.

I liked Roy he was cute!

Not totally bad but not totally good either.


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