A Storm of Swords (Part Two Blood and Gold) by George RR Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire #3)

20 Jul


Martin sure doesn’t hold back when it comes to killing off some major characters. I knew that Joffrey met his end in this instalment thanks to the horrible combination of being behind the TV series and social media. Facebook was flooded with joy at the death of the boy king. Can’t say I cried with grief either. Let’s face it, Joff was a horrible, horrible character. But let’s all also admit that we all loved to hate him right? I’ll miss hating him I think.

However I didn’t know that a number of other major characters also meet their sticky ends in this book. I was shocked when Robb and Catelyn were killed and I must say it was nice to be shocked by a book. It’s been way too long since I’ve been reading a book and didn’t see a supposed ‘twist’ coming a mile away. I actually sat up and went ‘WHAT???’ out loud when I read that chapter. To the point where my fiancé came into the room to see if I was ok. I was ok, but barely. Robb was my new Ned! Who am I left with now? It’s kind of left me in a bit of a pickle to be honest.

And then Ygritte too?? Okay we didn’t get to know and love Ygritte as much as other killed off characters but I still enjoyed her and I liked that she brought out a different side to Jon. Lady Lysa was a definitely a character I was in no way sad to see go. Unlike King Joffrey I didn’t love to hate Lysa I just plain hated her. And she irritated me. And her snivelling, snot nosed, spoiled brat of a kid annoyed the crap out of me too. I won’t miss her but it sure was a long way down that she had to wave goodbye…

Other than all the shocking deaths (and rebirths) it was a hell of a read. I literally couldn’t put it down. Usually I find there are chapters from some characters that I enjoy more than others but in this instalment I can honestly say that I was looking forward to every chapter equally. From Dany to Jon I couldn’t wait to hear from each character.

A final word for Tyrion. Oh sweet Tyrion… Will he ever find happiness in some form or other? Or will he be destined to be tainted by his Lannister name. I was hoping that eventually Sansa would see his softer side and even grow to love or care for him but that looks unlikely now. I’m looking forward to seeing where he ends up because how will he possibly be able to hide? He’s a dwarf missing a nose how many of those do you know?

I’m already thinking of where and when I can invest in A Feast for Crows.


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