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The Dead-Tossed Waves by Carrie Ryan (The Forest of Hands and Teeth #2)

This book was like a massive contradiction. I loved the plot line and the whole world that the author created but I bloody hated every character she put in it. Especially the main character Gabry. She was so annoying.

First of all she was the most cowardly, self-doubting, weak character I think I’ve ever had the displeasure to read. She doubted every tiny thing she did. Her self esteem was nonexistent and she seemed to think that she had to have a man to be able to survive or have any type of future ahead of her. She ‘fell in love’ with Catcher for reasons unknown to me as he doesn’t have one appealing trait as far as I can see. He puts his own needs ahead of her at any given opportunity and is just a selfish, unsavoury type of guy.

Elias was a little better but still had issues. I mean he lived for years as Gabrys twin sisters older brother and then falls madly in love with Gabry when he meets her. Isn’t that just a little weird? However he was definitely a nicer guy than Catcher and I did root for him to be the guy Gabry chose.

I loved the plot line. I actually wasn’t expecting the two books to be as connected. Infact I was amazed that the main character Mary played such a big part in this book too. For some reason I had come to believe that the books were just going to be set in the same world but with totally different characters. How wrong was I? It was a great surprise to discover along the way and I was over the moon when the story returned to the Forest and the villages.

I am more than a little intrigued to see where the next book brings us I just hope and pray that the author improves on making her characters just a little more likeable. Come on Carrie you can do it!


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4th of July by James Patterson (Womens Murder Club Series #4)

The thing about Patterson is that he has a style and he sticks to it. Fast paced, short chapters. Really evil bad guys. And your stereotypical can’t-help-but-love hero/heroine. The womens murder club series doesn’t differ from this pattern. It clings to it unwaveringly in fact. You must just accept these facts as part and parcel of reading a Patterson novel if you want to get enjoyment from reading his books. You also have to be in the mood for them.

This was all you’d expect from Patterson. I did like the storyline of Lindsay being up in court even though the circumstances surrounding her reason for being there were a bit ridiculous to say the least. The kids she shot had been rampaging around the city killing people so I didn’t see how anyone could feel sorry for them. We did get to meet Yuki who seems to have replaced Jill as one quarter of the womens murder club. A slight bit quick on the authors part I thought but she seems to be an interesting addition. I just hope we haven’t seen her best bits in this book because of her getting to represent Lindsay in court. A few more courtroom dramas wouldn’t go astray.

The murders happening in the little town of Half Moon Bay where Lindsay is vacationing are suitably grisly. Patterson likes a bit of blood and gore and he doesn’t disappoint in that regard with this book.

I was a little confused at the end of this book because I’m not sure I agree with the author. In my opinion what all these couples were doing were so awful that they did indeed deserve to be killed. Maybe not so brutally but I wouldn’t be feeling too bad for them either. All the victims turn out to be abusing children in some form or other and this is one of those topics that get people riled up. Do child abusers deserve to die? I’m pretty much of the “hell yeah!” opinion.

It made me kind of want to side with the murderers a little bit so that was definitely different from the usual Patterson bad guy.

Not a bad book. Nice and exciting and easy to read.


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Requiem by Lauren Oliver (Delirium Trilogy #3)

I’m annoyed with myself for not reading this trilogy together or at least to not have let so much time between each book because I think I may have enjoyed them more that way. There was a lot going on in this series and it took me a while to remember who was who and what was what at the start of this book.

However I did figure it out eventually. The trilogy as a whole was pretty good. It wasn’t ‘stop the lights fantabulous’ but it was pretty good. The main storyline throughout the series was the love story between Alex and Lena. This continued in this book with Lena torn between Alex and Justin. The problem I had with this whole scenario is that Justin was a way nicer person than Alex and it’s plain from the beginning that Lena will eventually choose Alex over poor old Justin. Hanas storyline with Fred and her cure not going completely as planned was a way more interesting read and I looked forward to her chapters even more than Lenas.

My main issue with the book was the ending. What the hell? Don’t wimp out Ms Oliver. She basically just told us that yep she chose Alex now I’m getting the hell out of here before ye actually want to know what happens when she tells Justin that. Annoying…


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The Day The Dead Came To Show And Tell by Mira Grant (Newsflesh Novella)

You see it can be done! This is a little novella that was totally worth the three euro I paid for it. It was an exciting and interesting read and I literally couldn’t put it down which is why I was walking around like a zombie (get it??) for most of the morning.

It had barely anything to do with the Newsflesh series other than the fact that the story was being told by Alaric Kwong and we saw brief little messages between him and Maggie. That didn’t disappoint me though because even though I loved the whole Newsflesh world it was pretty much finished with in the last book so I was happy with not hearing from any of the old reliables. Anyway this story was so exciting I didn’t care about anything other than getting to the end.

It’s basically set in a primary school where an outbreak occurs and even with all the precautions put in place since the Rising it quickly becomes a disaster of epic proportions. The book follows a teacher who is trying to lead her class of students to safety. She faces multiple obstacles and doesn’t escape without losing most of her class.

It’s pretty horrific, but like when you see a car crash at the side I the road you can’t help but keep looking. It was addictive. I love a good zombie outbreak and on a scale of one to ten this was pretty awesome! Loved it.


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Rot & Ruin by Johnathon Maberry (Benny Imura #1)

One thing I know for sure after finishing this book is that Johnathon Maberry is fast becoming one of my favourite authors. Okay so I have a slight obsession with the zombie genre at the moment which may make me a bit biased but you know what, who cares? I freaking LOVE zombies. I am consoled by knowing I am not alone in my weirdness. There’s plenty zombie lovers out there I know.

This was totally different to Patient Zero that I had read by Maberry before but that makes me love him even more as he can switch from adult zombie to kid zombie pretty damn smoothly. They did both have zombies in them so I suppose there was that similarity.

However Rot & Ruin focused more on a world post zombie apocalypse and was obviously geared towards young adult whereas Patient Zero was set in the midst of a zombie apocalypse and was definitely an adult read. Both were great in their own separate ways.

Benny annoyed the frigging hell out of me in the beginning and I wanted to scream at him numerous times throughout the book for not treating his brother like the amazing superhero that he so obviously is. But then I took a step back and thought about the world Benny is living in and how he was brought up and blah dee blah and I thought, yep I can see where he’s coming from. And you know what? I bloody love when a book can make me hate a character and them make me grow to love them in just a few short chapters.

It had a really interesting story, the characters were all gripping and exciting and you wanted to learn more about every one of them. I really enjoyed this book and I’m so glad that I can add this series to my already overflowing list.


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Unstrung by Neal Shusterman (Unwind Series #1.5)

I thought this was the second novel in this series, I did not realise that it was actually just a short little novella that was not worth the four euro I paid for it. Disappointment all round.

Basically it tells the story of what happened Lev after he got separated from Connor and Risa. He escapes into a reservation for Native Americans where unwinding is illegal and they use animal parts to fix most human ailments. At this point I was kind of like what the hell?? Why didn’t Connor and Risa just search for the nearest reservation and simply jump the wall? Would have made things a whole lot simpler.

It was a waste of my money to be honest and I don’t appreciate being charged for what can only be described as a long essay. I think that’s it great when authors release these short novellas to coincide with a series or book but I DO NOT agree with them charging these ridiculous amounts. If the novella is not free then I think ninety-nine cents would be more than enough for loyal fans to have to pay out for these short stories.

If it wasn’t for my feelings about the price I may have wrote a nicer review but hey… Money talks!


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The Reborn by Lin Anderson (Rhona MacLeod Series #7)

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It was a spur of the moment library choice and, you know, I must say I did well. My little man was acting up tearing around the library like the little human tornado that he is and even though library’s aren’t as much the “shush, shush, quiet places” they used to be I still felt like I was bound to be disturbing someone so I grabbed the first book I saw that looked remotely interesting and ran!

Turns out my quick thinking worked in my favour for once. The Reborn was really enjoyable. Even though it’s something like number eight in the Rhona MacLeod series (something I didn’t have time to notice in the library) it was still easy to get to know all the characters and the general storylines between them all. It’s a pet hate of mine to start a series in the wrong order so it’s very unusual for this to happen but I enjoyed it all the same. Rhona is a forensic crime scene analyst which makes for quite an interesting lead character. She seems to have a lot of personal issues which she battles with throughout the book. She’s obviously extremely afraid of commitment and you get the feeling this is from some upsetting past incident that was probably discussed in previous books or else will be in future instalments.

There is a subplot storyline running throughout the book that clearly followed on from the previous in the series. Rhona’s sometime lover and all time friend has been killed in what appears to be a drive by shooting involving the Russia mafia. I found it a little annoying in the beginning to have to read through this subplot to get to the main story but by the end I was as intrigued as Rhona to find out what had really happened McNab. I feel that if this was a series that I had read from the beginning then I would be talking about the Reborn case as the subplot and the Russian Mafia storyline as the main plot line.

The reborn case was truly shocking and really gripped you from beginning to end. It’s definitely not a book to read if you’re expecting though I will admit. And not one for the faint hearted but if you’re looking for a good thriller then look no further.


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