The Reborn by Lin Anderson (Rhona MacLeod Series #7)

02 Aug

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It was a spur of the moment library choice and, you know, I must say I did well. My little man was acting up tearing around the library like the little human tornado that he is and even though library’s aren’t as much the “shush, shush, quiet places” they used to be I still felt like I was bound to be disturbing someone so I grabbed the first book I saw that looked remotely interesting and ran!

Turns out my quick thinking worked in my favour for once. The Reborn was really enjoyable. Even though it’s something like number eight in the Rhona MacLeod series (something I didn’t have time to notice in the library) it was still easy to get to know all the characters and the general storylines between them all. It’s a pet hate of mine to start a series in the wrong order so it’s very unusual for this to happen but I enjoyed it all the same. Rhona is a forensic crime scene analyst which makes for quite an interesting lead character. She seems to have a lot of personal issues which she battles with throughout the book. She’s obviously extremely afraid of commitment and you get the feeling this is from some upsetting past incident that was probably discussed in previous books or else will be in future instalments.

There is a subplot storyline running throughout the book that clearly followed on from the previous in the series. Rhona’s sometime lover and all time friend has been killed in what appears to be a drive by shooting involving the Russia mafia. I found it a little annoying in the beginning to have to read through this subplot to get to the main story but by the end I was as intrigued as Rhona to find out what had really happened McNab. I feel that if this was a series that I had read from the beginning then I would be talking about the Reborn case as the subplot and the Russian Mafia storyline as the main plot line.

The reborn case was truly shocking and really gripped you from beginning to end. It’s definitely not a book to read if you’re expecting though I will admit. And not one for the faint hearted but if you’re looking for a good thriller then look no further.


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