Unstrung by Neal Shusterman (Unwind Series #1.5)

02 Aug

I thought this was the second novel in this series, I did not realise that it was actually just a short little novella that was not worth the four euro I paid for it. Disappointment all round.

Basically it tells the story of what happened Lev after he got separated from Connor and Risa. He escapes into a reservation for Native Americans where unwinding is illegal and they use animal parts to fix most human ailments. At this point I was kind of like what the hell?? Why didn’t Connor and Risa just search for the nearest reservation and simply jump the wall? Would have made things a whole lot simpler.

It was a waste of my money to be honest and I don’t appreciate being charged for what can only be described as a long essay. I think that’s it great when authors release these short novellas to coincide with a series or book but I DO NOT agree with them charging these ridiculous amounts. If the novella is not free then I think ninety-nine cents would be more than enough for loyal fans to have to pay out for these short stories.

If it wasn’t for my feelings about the price I may have wrote a nicer review but hey… Money talks!


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