Rot & Ruin by Johnathon Maberry (Benny Imura #1)

06 Aug

One thing I know for sure after finishing this book is that Johnathon Maberry is fast becoming one of my favourite authors. Okay so I have a slight obsession with the zombie genre at the moment which may make me a bit biased but you know what, who cares? I freaking LOVE zombies. I am consoled by knowing I am not alone in my weirdness. There’s plenty zombie lovers out there I know.

This was totally different to Patient Zero that I had read by Maberry before but that makes me love him even more as he can switch from adult zombie to kid zombie pretty damn smoothly. They did both have zombies in them so I suppose there was that similarity.

However Rot & Ruin focused more on a world post zombie apocalypse and was obviously geared towards young adult whereas Patient Zero was set in the midst of a zombie apocalypse and was definitely an adult read. Both were great in their own separate ways.

Benny annoyed the frigging hell out of me in the beginning and I wanted to scream at him numerous times throughout the book for not treating his brother like the amazing superhero that he so obviously is. But then I took a step back and thought about the world Benny is living in and how he was brought up and blah dee blah and I thought, yep I can see where he’s coming from. And you know what? I bloody love when a book can make me hate a character and them make me grow to love them in just a few short chapters.

It had a really interesting story, the characters were all gripping and exciting and you wanted to learn more about every one of them. I really enjoyed this book and I’m so glad that I can add this series to my already overflowing list.


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