The Day The Dead Came To Show And Tell by Mira Grant (Newsflesh Novella)

07 Aug

You see it can be done! This is a little novella that was totally worth the three euro I paid for it. It was an exciting and interesting read and I literally couldn’t put it down which is why I was walking around like a zombie (get it??) for most of the morning.

It had barely anything to do with the Newsflesh series other than the fact that the story was being told by Alaric Kwong and we saw brief little messages between him and Maggie. That didn’t disappoint me though because even though I loved the whole Newsflesh world it was pretty much finished with in the last book so I was happy with not hearing from any of the old reliables. Anyway this story was so exciting I didn’t care about anything other than getting to the end.

It’s basically set in a primary school where an outbreak occurs and even with all the precautions put in place since the Rising it quickly becomes a disaster of epic proportions. The book follows a teacher who is trying to lead her class of students to safety. She faces multiple obstacles and doesn’t escape without losing most of her class.

It’s pretty horrific, but like when you see a car crash at the side I the road you can’t help but keep looking. It was addictive. I love a good zombie outbreak and on a scale of one to ten this was pretty awesome! Loved it.


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