4th of July by James Patterson (Womens Murder Club Series #4)

23 Aug

The thing about Patterson is that he has a style and he sticks to it. Fast paced, short chapters. Really evil bad guys. And your stereotypical can’t-help-but-love hero/heroine. The womens murder club series doesn’t differ from this pattern. It clings to it unwaveringly in fact. You must just accept these facts as part and parcel of reading a Patterson novel if you want to get enjoyment from reading his books. You also have to be in the mood for them.

This was all you’d expect from Patterson. I did like the storyline of Lindsay being up in court even though the circumstances surrounding her reason for being there were a bit ridiculous to say the least. The kids she shot had been rampaging around the city killing people so I didn’t see how anyone could feel sorry for them. We did get to meet Yuki who seems to have replaced Jill as one quarter of the womens murder club. A slight bit quick on the authors part I thought but she seems to be an interesting addition. I just hope we haven’t seen her best bits in this book because of her getting to represent Lindsay in court. A few more courtroom dramas wouldn’t go astray.

The murders happening in the little town of Half Moon Bay where Lindsay is vacationing are suitably grisly. Patterson likes a bit of blood and gore and he doesn’t disappoint in that regard with this book.

I was a little confused at the end of this book because I’m not sure I agree with the author. In my opinion what all these couples were doing were so awful that they did indeed deserve to be killed. Maybe not so brutally but I wouldn’t be feeling too bad for them either. All the victims turn out to be abusing children in some form or other and this is one of those topics that get people riled up. Do child abusers deserve to die? I’m pretty much of the “hell yeah!” opinion.

It made me kind of want to side with the murderers a little bit so that was definitely different from the usual Patterson bad guy.

Not a bad book. Nice and exciting and easy to read.


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