Brother Odd by Dean Koontz (Odd Thomas #3)

06 Sep

I really really enjoyed this! So far the Odd series has been hit and miss for me, the first one I thought was only okay but I did like the second in the series a lot more. This followed in that trend as I found it a really exciting good read. The thing I most enjoy about these novels is the subtle humor. It’s quite tongue-in-cheek and sarcastic and I just found it refreshingly different than the usual clichéd humour you get in most novels these days.

The plot line was exciting and original and I couldn’t get enough of the whole monastery setting and Odds new friends, the nuns and brothers. The nuns especially were very well written and I adored each and every one of them that we got to know along the way.

My favourite character was probably Mr Romanovich simply because of the repertoire that he had with Odd. It was funny and interesting to read and I liked the way they bounced off each other. I was so glad to find out he was actually a good guy in the end but it did worry me a little as it just proved that Odds physic or intuitive abilities can be a little off sometimes.

I was sad to see Elvis pass on to the next world as I enjoyed him and Odds little exchanges and Elvis flamboyant costume changes. Still we got a worthy replacement in Mr Sinatra I guess! Looking forward to future instalments.


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