Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult

12 Sep

Picoult is fast becoming one of my favourite authors. Her books always just seem to have that exciting, gripping edge to them. It’s almost as if they have this almost car crash appeal to them. You know you shouldn’t want to look but you can’t help staring anyway. Her subject lines are always very controversial and raise a lot of questions but you know what? I love that.

In this novel we follow Ellie who in a roundabout way ends up representing a young Amish girl who has been charged with murdering her newborn infant. Because of bail conditions Ellie ends up living within the Amish community while preparing for the trial.

First of all it was a great storyline because it slowly told us what happened and we had numerous suspects along the way. Even though neonaticide is such a horrible thing, it is a fact of life that it does happen and it does make for an interesting read as you struggle to make sense of the situation and try to understand what could cause this situation to arise.

The most interesting thing about this book to me, however, was reading about the Amish community. They’re so secluded and isolated in real life that they have become these almost mythical creatures that only exist in films or books so to read about their day to day lives was so interesting to me! Obviously Ireland doesn’t exactly have a large Amish community, in fact I’d be surprised if there were any at all living here but that made it all the more exciting to me as they are literally something I have never seen or experienced in real life.

The characters were all well written and I enjoyed Ellie and Coopers love story a lot. It wasn’t too in your face cliched stuff that I’m so sick of reading. It was subtle and slow and lovely. Looking forward to another Picoult read soon enough.


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