The End of Everything by Megan Abott

15 Sep

What the hell was going on with this book? No really, what in the bloody hell? I grabbed this in the library thinking it looked vaguely interesting and I wasn’t totally wrong. It was interesting alright but it was so bloody weird. The weirdness outweighed the interesting I’m afraid…

Basically it follows a thirteen year old girl who becomes caught up in a whole scandal involving her best friend who is apparently abducted by a child molester. Lizzie, the protagonist, is a strange character. I think the author can get away with a lot because of the characters age. I understand that yes, you can have intense relationships at that age both romantic and platonic and yes, the feelings seem so much more intense than they probably are but some of the stuff that happens in this novel is just plain disturbing. I’m not jus talking about the child abduction and subsequent rape which is obviously extremely disturbing too. However I understand that there are horrible people out there who are paedophiles and prey on young girls or boys. I understand that thirteen year old girls are impressionable enough to find the affections of an older man flattering instead of disgusting. These are things I understand.

I do not understand how a seventeen year old girl can have a crush on her father? I don’t understand how a thirteen year old girl would think it’s acceptable to let older boys touch her while they pleasure themselves? I don’t understand how an older brother would think it’s okay to show his younger sister using cling film what it’s like to be raped? I don’t understand how an older sister would attempt to murder her little sister by pressing a hockey stick so hard against her throat she goes purple? I don’t understand how a mother in her presumably mid-forties thinks it’s ok to have sex on her back porch when her kids are in the house? I just found parts hard to read. I also didn’t get the whole tension between Lizzie and Evie’s father. It seemed to border on sexual at times which makes me cringe just thinking about it.

This book did very little for me other than to make me feel uncomfortable and disgusted. Not a good combination I think.


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