The Rise of the Governor by Robert Kirkman (Governor Series #1)

21 Sep

What. The Absolute. Fuck? Don’t get me wrong I freaking loved it but what the hell? Big twist at the end has me all confused!

I was excited to read this novel because let’s face it I have a pretty serious obsession with zombies and I love, love, love the walking dead world especially. Now I’m a little ashamed to admit I don’t actually own any of the Walking Dead comics because I’m not really a comic book fan but I do adore the TV show so I was looking forward to delving into the creepy mind of the governor.

I think they got the names of the novels in this series mixed up because I’m pretty sure this one could have been called the Road to Woodbury and the next instalment could have been the Rise of the Governor. First of all we don’t even reach Woodbury until the last few chapters and secondly he doesn’t become known as the governor at all in this book.

We meet the Blake brothers a few days into the zombie apocalypse travelling with Philips friends Nick and Bobby and Philips daughter Penny. Brian and Philip Blake are polar opposites of each other. Brian is a wimpy, sickly, weakling of a man and Philip is your atypical gung-ho, tough guy, mans man. Philip quickly establishes himself as the leader and shows signs of becoming the cruel governor that we all love to hate.

However let’s throw a spanner in the works because even though we all know Philip becomes the governor do we really? Are you sure? How do you know its really Philip?


Sure Philip is the one we see raping women, torturing people, keeping his zombie daughter alive tied to a tree but all that proves nothing. Turns out in a major plot twist the author has decided to let Philip die and Brian the weakling brother take over his identity.

Although I thought this was a good twist and all there were a few issues with it. Firstly Brian is not an evil character. In actual fact he’s the nicest character in the book. He cared more for Penny before she died than her own father did and he was quite averse to killing of any kind, zombie or otherwise. How will he become the evil person we see as the governor in the future? More horrible things will have to befall him otherwise this plot line just won’t make sense. However I do believe the author has made us think that maybe even the governor has a heart beneath it all. He wasn’t always a horrible person.



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