Tuesdays Gone by Nicci French (Frieda Klein #2)

28 Sep

I really enjoyed this. I liked the first novel in this series and this one definitely continued on that track. Freida is definitely a super interesting character. She’s very complicated and has a history we’re only starting to get a glimpse into now.

I feel like we’ll see lots more of of her past family life in the future.Her brother for instance seems to be a very strange character. He’s not a horrible man but he sure doesn’t seem exactly nice either.

The plot line this time around was quite interesting. It basically centered around a man who’s body is found slowly decomposing in a slightly disturbed woman’s house. Turns out the woman found his body in an alley and brought it back to look after him. Not something that’s recommended with rotting corpses. As the police along with learn more about the background and life the man was leading he turns out to be not that nice of a person. Infact he’s a scheming conman who has made a lot of money off vulnerable people. Not exactly someone you feel too sorry to find dead.

The only annoying thing I found about this book was the little paragraphs we got from Beth were really interesting and I wanted to find out more about her and how she came to be in that position. Unfortunately it all came to a head pretty quickly and we never really got to learn much about her at all which was a pity.

Other than that this book was really interesting and I enjoyed it. Looking forward to future instalments in the Frieda Klein series.


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