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Gone by Michael Grant (Gone Series #1)

I really, really wish that the author had made the characters 17 or 18 instead of 14. I know he was trying to appeal to the younger market but it just would have made the book so much more believable and interesting to read.

At 14 I felt it was unrealistic how some of the kids were so violent and brutal towards each other. I mean who wants to believe a 14 year old would even have the idea to trap someone’s hand in a cement block that they have to lug around after themselves. Pretty disgusting and I’d like to think that a 14 year old would balk at the thought never mind come up with it.

There was also a part of me that just felt extremely uncomfortable at the thought of a bunch of 14 year olds minding another bunch of tiny toddlers and babies. I wanted to dive into the book and take over!

However and its a big however, the premise of the book made up for the flaw in their ages because it was such an original idea. It kind of resembled Stephen Kings Under the Dome, I don’t know which came first to be honest I’m guessing Kings, but as well as there being a dome shaped barrier all the adults, or people over the age of 14, have disappeared.

On top of this a lot of the teenagers left behind start to exhibit strange powers. I loved that part. It was like a messed up version of Xmen and who doesn’t love some mutant teenagers right? Still waiting for Wolverine to appear though.

It was definitely exciting and because of the ending I cannot wait until the next book. It’s definitely a series I could get on board with!


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The Road to Woodbury by Robert Kirkman (The Governor Trilogy #2)

Being the huge Walking Dead fan that I am I was always going to enjoy these books, pretty much no matter what. They go beyond my expectations though as there’s always this worry that the world in the book will be too different to the one created in the comics or the TV series. The author has created a world that fits seamlessly in between the two other genres.

It tells a story that we’re only vaguely familiar with, it introduces new and old characters, it gives us reasons to hate evil characters even more but at the same time making us understand why he has become who he is, AND it’s super enjoyable all the while.

I must admit I was surprised at the twist at the end of the last book and what surprised me more in this instalment was how easily Brian continues his evil act as the Governor. There were only two short scenes where we saw him struggling to keep up the facade and he quickly got through them. I would have liked to see a little bit more humanity in him just so we good continue to feel empathy for him on and off.

I liked Lilly, Josh and Bob who are basically the main characters in this book. However I did feel that Lilly’s character resembled Brian in the first book way too much. She’s a nervous, quivering wreck when it comes to zombies and suffers from debilitating anxiety attacks that echoed all too loudly of Brian and his asthma episodes which by the way seem to have mysteriously disappeared by some miracle of nature? She was still likeable however and she’s definitely someone that you can root for.

I’m intrigued to read the next two books because I wonder will we meet Rick and his gang or will we see a different downfall to the Governor. Can’t wait to find out.


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The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein by Peter Ackroyd

I have absolutely no idea why I picked this book up in the library. I didn’t enjoy Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein so why would I enjoy any type of spin off? I suppose when I read a classic I expect to be enthralled and because I wasn’t I felt let down and disappointed by the author. I also always feel if I dislike a popular book that it is possible I did not give it a fair chance or I somehow didn’t see what was so special about it. Sometimes I am justified in my distaste though . I was especially annoyed about not liking Shelleys Frankenstein because it had all the elements of a book that would usually keep me enthralled. It didn’t however.

Ackroyd’s version is somewhat better but I still didn’t love it. I expected that it was going to be a lot more different from the original than it actually was. It told the same story but was basically a lot more detailed and the writing was obviously a lot more modern. I did enjoy seeing how Victor went about his experiments in a little more detail and I thought he was a lot more likeable a character in this book compared to the original. He was still quite selfish but you could understand him better in this version.

I especially loved the introduction of some side characters such as Fred, Bysshe and of course Ms Shelley herself. They made the book a lot more interesting because you were always interested in what they had got up to as well as everything that was going on with Frankenstein and his creation.

The monster in this novel was also a lot more understandable and I felt you could empathise with him and his actions a lot better. However people really need to stop judging a book by its cover. Poor monster, one look at him and people were throwing themselves into rivers. But dramatic I thought.

The twist though…


How do I feel about that twist? I wish it had happened a chapter or two before the end just so we could learn a little more about how it came to be. It seemed a bit too close to the “Oh it was just a dream” ending that nobody wants to see happen. However I will admit it put a different spin on the whole story and I had to sit back and think for awhile at the end about the story throughout.

Surprisingly better than the original which isn’t a phrase used often and especially not by me.


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Odd Hours by Dean Koontz (Odd Thomas #4)

I didn’t love this as much as I loved the previous book in this series. It was still good but it just didn’t live up to the atmospheric wonder of Brother Odd. The monastery and all the monks in Brother Odd really added to the last instalment to make it so interesting and exciting.

Unfortunately this book lacked the same interesting characters that Brother Odd supplied in abundance. It still had the mysterious Annamarie and the likeable Blossom and Birdie but they made only seldom appearances and so we relied mainly on Odd himself to carry the book as the sole character. That’s not an easy task for any character but Odd manages it better than most. I still would have liked to see abut more interaction between him and the lesser characters because that’s where the humor happens and you gotta have a bit of humor!

The plot line was exciting enough with the whole nuclear bombs threat and stuff. I felt for Odd when he was forced to kill some bad guys as he seems like such an inherently good person that you just know that it’s going to affect him in the weeks and months to follow.

I still look forward to reading future instalments in the Odd series as you can’t help but grow to love Odd and his strange ways. Hopefully the next instalment will return to the same level of Brother Odd however.


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