Odd Hours by Dean Koontz (Odd Thomas #4)

06 Oct

I didn’t love this as much as I loved the previous book in this series. It was still good but it just didn’t live up to the atmospheric wonder of Brother Odd. The monastery and all the monks in Brother Odd really added to the last instalment to make it so interesting and exciting.

Unfortunately this book lacked the same interesting characters that Brother Odd supplied in abundance. It still had the mysterious Annamarie and the likeable Blossom and Birdie but they made only seldom appearances and so we relied mainly on Odd himself to carry the book as the sole character. That’s not an easy task for any character but Odd manages it better than most. I still would have liked to see abut more interaction between him and the lesser characters because that’s where the humor happens and you gotta have a bit of humor!

The plot line was exciting enough with the whole nuclear bombs threat and stuff. I felt for Odd when he was forced to kill some bad guys as he seems like such an inherently good person that you just know that it’s going to affect him in the weeks and months to follow.

I still look forward to reading future instalments in the Odd series as you can’t help but grow to love Odd and his strange ways. Hopefully the next instalment will return to the same level of Brother Odd however.


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