The Road to Woodbury by Robert Kirkman (The Governor Trilogy #2)

22 Oct

Being the huge Walking Dead fan that I am I was always going to enjoy these books, pretty much no matter what. They go beyond my expectations though as there’s always this worry that the world in the book will be too different to the one created in the comics or the TV series. The author has created a world that fits seamlessly in between the two other genres.

It tells a story that we’re only vaguely familiar with, it introduces new and old characters, it gives us reasons to hate evil characters even more but at the same time making us understand why he has become who he is, AND it’s super enjoyable all the while.

I must admit I was surprised at the twist at the end of the last book and what surprised me more in this instalment was how easily Brian continues his evil act as the Governor. There were only two short scenes where we saw him struggling to keep up the facade and he quickly got through them. I would have liked to see a little bit more humanity in him just so we good continue to feel empathy for him on and off.

I liked Lilly, Josh and Bob who are basically the main characters in this book. However I did feel that Lilly’s character resembled Brian in the first book way too much. She’s a nervous, quivering wreck when it comes to zombies and suffers from debilitating anxiety attacks that echoed all too loudly of Brian and his asthma episodes which by the way seem to have mysteriously disappeared by some miracle of nature? She was still likeable however and she’s definitely someone that you can root for.

I’m intrigued to read the next two books because I wonder will we meet Rick and his gang or will we see a different downfall to the Governor. Can’t wait to find out.


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