Me and My Sisters by Sinead Moriarty

09 Nov

This is pretty close to perfection for a book in the chick lit category. I’ve read Sinead Moriarty before and I remember thinking her books are literally laugh-out-loud brilliant. This one was no different. She just has that ability to write characters that you fall head over heels in love with.

This book centers around three sisters who are all very different from each other. Julie is the tired, worn out, stay-at-home mum of five year old triplets and a toddler. Louise is the career minded, independent, extremely successful lawyer. And Sophie is a lady-who-lunches, wife to a rich business man who showers her with extravagant gifts and trips. At the beginning of the book none of the three sisters have a huge amount in common but as time goes on they realise that friends will come and go but family are here to stay.

It was a really refreshingly lovely read. I found I could empathise differently with each one of the sisters and I had something in common with every one of them. However I did lean towards Julie the most. I struggle sometimes with day-to-day life of being a mum to my 2 year old so trying to handle three 5 year olds and an 18 month old sounds like hell to me to be honest.

I laughed when I read Louise’s character because she reminded me so, so much of my own sister who is also called Louise and who is also very career minded and who is also just about to have a baby!! I was glad that she realised in the end how important it was to be around her little daughter as much as possible. I’m thinking of passing this book onto Louise for a read just to see her reaction!

Sophie was the sister that was the least likeable in the beginning. She was a good mum to Jess and seemed to be a nice generous person but nothing more. She was ridiculous when it came to spending money and her friends were the stereotypical arrogant, snobby housewives. Horrible, horrible people. However by the end Sophie grew on me and her reaction to her husbands loss of money makes you like her even more.

The only little flaws were that it was very predictable. I could see that Sophie was going to lose her money at some stage after reading the first chapter from her. I guessed fairly early on in the scenario that Harry had a daughter and wasn’t having an affair. However chick lit books aren’t meant to be hard books to figure out. They’re supposed to be easy to read. I would have liked to be surprised at some of the twists but I still enjoyed this book immensely. Well worth the read.


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