The Time of my Life by Cecelia Ahern

14 Nov

Somehow I missed this book when it was originally released. I’ve been a pretty consistent Cecelia Ahern fan but this one slipped under my radar.

It was quite nice to read a book from her that was written a while back actually because her style was slightly different back then. Her books were more on the fantasy side of things whereas now she is just chick lit with a slight edge.

While I do love the fantasy edge to her older stuff this one was a little strange. Basically Lucy is stuck in a bit of a rut so she gets a letter to invite her to meet with…

Wait for it…

Her life. Yep her life, who turns out to be a rather dishevelled, worn out, middle-aged man. He starts to try and break her bad habits slowly but surely. Eventually he begins to get through to her but it takes time and I felt like screaming at her a lot of the time. The fact that she couldn’t see Blake for what he really was is kind of shocking because from her first description of him he sounds like a complete dick.

It was a tad confusing at times because sentences such as “I need some space from my life” took on a whole new meaning and you had to rethink a lot of sentences and wonder was there double meaning in them. However if you took the book at face value and just accepted the story as it came I think it would have been even more enjoyable.

I did enjoy it but there were definitely areas that could have been improved on. A nice pleasant read.


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